Daily Planner

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Not all men have the Shakespearean gift of the pen. Sometimes to get your man motivated, all it takes is the right equipment. With this fantastic journal, you give your man the motivation and muse to bring the ballpoint to the paper in a way that gets the creative juices flowing. It might be the leather in the hand or the touch of the paper, but the quality will get his strong hand moving. Whether it’s tucked away in a nightstand for thoughts and reminders or in the passenger seat for lists, it’s something that any guy with a writer's side will appreciate.  

Features of the Planner:

* Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planner
* A5 size 6.25" x 8.3"
* Yearly overview, Contacts, inner pockets, and more

Features of the Cover:
* Full-Grain Leather
* Business Card Holder
* Made to last long
* Inner Pocket