Body Template Caricature

If you want to treat your groomsmen to a cool gift that is going to bring fun to the rehearsal dinner, then an individual caricature will make a huge splash. Bring out your groomsman's inner Peter Parker and personalize him on the body of Spider-man to make him feel like he can fight crime after the wedding. Who knows, maybe it inspires him to create a few new moves on the dance floor. When you are handing out the gifts, it will definitely have everyone laughing and waiting in anticipation to see which body you chose for them. To top it off, explaining why you chose each template for your groomsmen will make your rehearsal speech all that much funnier.  

Now onto the details. We will custom draw the face of your groomsmen on any of the predefined body templates you see in the pictures and in the drop down list. Select which body you would like for your groomsmen's caricatures from the drop down list and add it to your cart.  

After you place your order for an individual caricature a customer service representative will be in touch with you to get the images of your groomsmen. The customer service representative will ask for a close up picture for the person you would like in the caricature, which you can email back to the email address that we provide you. Our caricature artist will then draw the face of the person in the picture on the  body of your choice. All caricatures are hand drawn and then scanned into a computer, converted into an image file, and sent to you through email. Once you receive the picture through email you can then print the pictures yourself (at your local pharmacy or office supplies store) and have them framed. You can also send the digital version to your groomsmen so they can use it it as wallpaper on their phone or computer.

If you are thinking about ordering the super hero caricature and have questions, please contact us.  If you have an idea for a body, drop us a line and we can probably make it for you.  

Because we are very busy with caricatures, we have a 4 person minimum order for Body Template caricatures.  


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