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When it comes to finding a great groomsmen gift idea, there are a lot of directions you can go in.  Your job as the groom is to figure out if you want to play it safe with your gifts or get creative with them. These unique groomsmen gifts are gift ideas that tend to be a bit more creative and out of the box, a more unique option and something less likely that the groomsmen already owns.  Many of these groomsmen gift ideas can be a bit of risk, and you take the chance they may not totally appeal to the taste of the guys in your wedding party.  But they may also hit jackpot and really get your groomsmen pumped. 

The idea behind these groomsmen gifts is higher risk, higher reward. They are more likely to dazzle on your wedding day, but can potentially find the back of a closet if you're not careful.  

11 Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas in 2020

We've scoured the web looking for cool groomsmen gift ideas.  These gifts are unique also hit the mark as being something your groomsmen will be psyched to receive and cherish for the rest of their lives.  The best groomsmen gift ideas are either something super creative that your guys will never imagine getting or one that is so useful that your guys will want to thank you every time they use it.  Here are 11 unique groomsmen gift ideas you can choose from:


11. Unique & Funny - Mug on a Mug 

Drinking is fun. Your groomsmen are fun too. Put them together, what do you get? A merge! This unique caricature mug brings the extra in the ordinary as it holds 22 ounces of your groomsmen’s favorite drink while revealing a fun surprise, his face! You only need to send a picture of your groomsmen and if you want to see them smiling or laughing, well that can be arranged. The most creative and resourceful artists hand-draw each image and then they digitally print it using the highest quality process. You may include any message you want as well, so bring out the creative side of you and add a funny remark to the faces. Is will be a classic moment when the guys in your wedding party are drinking out of these on your wedding day.   If you are looking to give something different, these are possibly the most unique and funny groomsmen gifts you can give your guys. 

10. Cool & Tough - The Personalized Muscle Duffle

Take your groomsman on a rustic getaway and have him bring another best buddy with him. A personalized duffel bag conceals not only his stuff but the secrets you will gain in the trip along the way. Its versatile nature makes this 23”x12”x11” bag a must-have. It can be used for work, for sports or for whatever your buddy sees it fit. This awesome groomsmen duffel bag has one large exterior pocket with a flap and two-zipper side pockets. The leather accents and brass closure adds boldness to the design. Fill this bag and carry it using the adjustable shoulder straps, every day and you will surely develop more muscles. Don’t forget to personalize it and put their name or initials on the bag. A man carrying a manly bag like this gets an instant “handsome credit”. Your best friends deserve to be kept, so do their stuff. With this great groomsmen gift idea, you achieve both.

9. Best Creative Gift - Grooms Crew Bobbleheads

Men love the idea of seeing themselves. This groomsmen bobblehead doll allows manliness to be intact by placing the handsome image of your groomsman in the head of the doll, accurately imitating even the hairstyle, and attaching it to a pre-made body that varies in design and color. Even the clothing can be changed to match the color and design of what your groomsmen will be wearing on the wedding day. If you are feeling creative, you may add some props to the bobble head doll. Have the guys in your wedding party hold a beer or any prop that you choose. Give in to men’s need to see their faces every so often. Give your pals something to look at and play with during break time or even when they just feel vain enough to do so.

8. Best Groomsmen Gift Box Set - Slice and Buzz

Have your groomsmen drink from the flaskor take a shot, and slice something: perhaps, a cheese? A groomsmen gift box set will allow you to do all of the above. It has a 6 oz black matte flask to make your favorite drink come in handy, a 2. 25 oz shot glass, in case you want to share a drink to someone, and a tactical folding knife that has an aluminum handle with wood overlay for engraving purposes. These all-time classic groomsmen gifts come in a burl finish wood box that includes humidifier should you wish to use it as a room for your cigars. Your groomsmen deserve to enjoy drinking while being protected. Give it to them in style by wrapping this great groomsmen gift for them. After all, your guys are worth it.

7. Another Unique Idea - Groomsmen Group Caricature 

A time capsule may be too passé to remember you all by. After all, immortalizing your friendship can never go wrong with a group caricature. This groomsmen caricature places all of you in one memorabilia without the trouble of making you all come together in a tuxedo for a group photo op. How does it work? You send pictures of each person you want to appear in the caricature and the idea you would like behind the background or theme and an awesome artist will hand draw the image and scan it into the computer, convert to an image file and then it will be sent to you. Of course, some revisions and approvals may come to view but in two to three weeks, you will finally see a sight to behold; that is of course apart from your lovely wife to be on your wedding day. Give your groomsmen a unique gift that even the next generations can appreciate.

6. Awesome Gift for the Sports Guy - Personalized Pigskin 

Surely you have been pissed off by your groomsmen at some point  and wanted to kick him somewhere it will hurt.  Project the kicking spree to this personalized footballThis awesome football comes in three sizes for all your kicking needs, and your groomsmen’s too. It has a white top and a traditional football bottom. Engraving comes in warm brown for solid contrast and can be placed in two to three lines. You may put the name of your groomsmen and other wedding details.  You may try to be creative and put something personal that your groomsmen will remember you by (or can piss them off and may encourage them to kick this ball). This groomsmen gift is a keeper for game enthusiasts and a cathartic must-have all in one.

5. Funny Groomsmen Gift -  Pic Pint

Want your drinking buddy to always have a friend to drink with, even when you aren't there? Then put him in on a pint glass. This beer glass can be made a canvas by creative laser engraving artists. It can hold 15 ounces of your favorite beverage that provides longer drinking time and stretched hours of bonding with your friends. Now, while having each of your brood in the drinking session may be enough already, the idea of seeing your beer poured into a mug with their image on it brings the experience to the next level. If the faces of your groomsmen are not that recognizable in a mug, try putting their names to make the pun more complete. This funny groomsmen gift not only shows your witty side as a groom to be but also your cunning skill in getting their pictures to be engraved in the glass and making them drink from their faces.

4. A Practical Gift - Dock ‘N Roll

Your groomsman would soon be back to his regular schedule. He would usually have a long tiring work day meeting deadlines, building connections and closing deals. With this Dock ‘N Roll gift, he will truly appreciate your thank you gift in order to get his stuff organized the moment he’s home. This personalized docking station is a wooden organizer for his small things like phone, keys, tablet, watch, flash drives, coins and the like. Personalize it by having his initials engraved on the holder.    

3. Great Gift for Groomsmen on the Move - Travel Marvel 

Every man is a traveler. Let your guys bring your groomsmen gift with them on their journey. Necessity will meet style and quality as you choose to give this great toiletry bag made of top grain premium leather with deep brown and rich burgundy hues that is also weather-resistant and comes with a heavy-duty zipper. All his toiletries will be kept in one hand-cut, stitched with precision, toiletry bag. For all your various traveling buddies, they may choose between small, medium, or large sizes. If durability is an issue, then the inside nylon lining of this bag will come as a treat as it also made this gift easier to clean. Now your groomsmen gift can withstand all kinds of weather, give it to your groomsmen who have weathered so much with you too.

2. Unique Drinking Gift - Louisville Chugger 

Well, don’t just sit there and watch the game, drink something! And drink it in style. This Louisville chugger will make you chug down more beer and lots of fun during the game. With a dimension of 10”x 2.75”, this gift can hold 12 ounces of your all-seasons beverage. But apart from keeping a good volume of your most chuggable liquid; you may also put the name of your favorite team or the name of your groomsmen in each treat. No worries on the labels fading, as the engraving is done via laser. The engraved labels shall last, so will the memories you will make holding this keeper. Is your goal to hit the home run with your groomsmen gift? This is the way to go. 

1. Best Groomsmen Gift Ever - Ultimate Box Set 

The Ultimate Box Set is a very manly gift set composed of a 9”x8.5”x2.25” Wood Box that is cherry lined with Spanish cedar and has internal locking hinges. This box can hold 20 cigars should you decide to use it as a humidor. The set also includes: a 7.5” Pocket knife with a smooth wooden handle, has a belt clip and a liner locking system; a black minimalist wallet; and a shot glass. This set is so jam-packed that it will spare you the trouble of finding a gift for the succeeding occasions of your best buds for the next 10 years or so.