Total Eclipse of the Bar

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Hocus Pocus your way to a magical cocktail with this masterful mixology set.  Coming with all the core necessities, this collection of instruments will weave your ingredients into a cocktail made to serve, in a mason jar built to sip from.  No eye of newt necessary to brew yourself a magical punch when you have this cool set in hand.  

Total Eclipse of the Bar includes a mason jar shaker, bar spoon, muddler, ice tongs, strainer, and measuring shot glass.  Personalize for a perfect groomsmen gift.  

Dimensions: Mason Jar: 3.25” W. x 6.3” H. with a 3.25” diameter / 26 oz. Shot Glass: 2.375” W. x 3.125” H with a 2.4” diameter / 4 oz. Muddler: 8.125” L. x 1” W. x 1.25” H. Strainer: 6.25” L. x 3” W. (at widest point) x .625” H. Bar Spoon: 11.125” L. x 1.3125” W. (at widest point) x .125” H. Tongs: 6.25: L. x .75” W.

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