Pil Seeker

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Nothing lets your brew breath like the sexy figure of the Pilsner glass.   We're not totally sure what it is about the shape of this bad boy, but for some reason the fact that it's like beer drinking Marilyn Monroe might be it.  If your groomsman is looking for a drinking rush, give him the high of this perfect personalized drinking glass.  It will become his vessel to beer drinking euphoria and a glass he loves to grope, legally.  

The Pil Seeker is a classic 16 Ounce Pilsner glass, ready for the pour of pony or tall boys alike.  It'll let his beer breath, while balance in his palm perfectly for a personalized gift that will remain a core piece of his bar set.  The perfect affordable groomsmen gift.  

Price is for one glass.  You can personlize this great glass with one letter.