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  • 18 Unique Gold Wedding Bands for Grooms with Style

    by Chris Bajda September 19, 2022

    Shopping for unique wedding bands is difficult, especially if you are looking at men's rings. Most of the time, very few options stand out from the crowd as being different or unique.

    However, I have found some fantastic, unique gold wedding bands for men that do not fit into any of these stereotypes.

    These will make your engagement ring pop without distracting it and will be comfortable to wear every day because they are made from high-quality materials like titanium or tungsten carbide.

    1. Midnight Rose Wedding Band

    When men leap into matrimony, they often think of wedding rings as just a hoop to jump through.

    But if they are lucky enough to be put in charge of picking out their engagement rings, more men are taking the opportunity to showcase their personality with this rose gold Midnight Ring!

    2. Bling Jewelry Dragon Inlay

    We believe that the bling is always in the details. What is more, each of their unique men's wedding band is available in your choice of a selection of colors and finishes, including this Bling Jewelry Dragon Inlay, so you can get precisely what you are looking for.

    3. Tungsten Wedding Band

    Not sure what style of unique wedding band is right for you? Want to be a trendsetter and not the same as everyone else? This unisex Tungsten Ring is the perfect fit.

    It is bold, stylish, and masculine. Plus, it is scratch-resistant, so you don't have to worry about constantly wiping off your men's wedding bands.

    4. Hammered Tungsten Wedding Rings

    Wedding bands for men need not only be simple metal bands.

    This Hammered Tungsten Wedding Rings are tough, durable, and have something particular about them that makes them perfect for the modern man.

    These days, it is pretty easy to find tungsten wedding rings for your partner, no matter what their size or taste in style is.

    5. The Adventurer Ring

    Adventurers at heart will love the simplicity of this unadorned band. A classic and timeless way to showcase your connection to your loved one.

    This Adventure Ring design is an excellent choice for anyone who does not want to draw attention away from the ring's sleek lines.

    These wedding rings are perfect for individuals who spend their days adventuring side by side.

    6. Blue Groove Line Wedding Band

    The Blue Groove Line Wedding Band is hand-forged, with alternating matte and shiny edges. It is elegant enough for a black tie event yet cool enough for your nearest Bonnaroo.

    Plus, these wedding rings come in many sizes and has an option for custom text engraving!

    7. The Ocean Cask Ring

    For those who want a unique yellow gold band for men that has something more masculine about it, look at this gold wedding band, Ocean Cask Ring.

    A wooden cask, sourced from a remote island in Indonesia and handcrafted into a black wedding band by jewelry experts, will give you the best look!

    8. King Will Nature Men

    The King Will Nature Men's, which has a black & gold foils Inlay, is one of my favorites.

    This unique gold wedding band for men has a black and gold color scheme with bands that are offset from each other by a black-colored band.

    All in all, this ring is a subtle but classy take on what is typically a very traditional wedding band.

    9. The Tortuga Ring

    This white gold band is sleek and the stylish ring is made of solid white gold and has a sense of whimsy and weight.

    With its bright turquoise water, the Tortuga Ring is perfect for the guy who wants to go against convention in his way.

    Plus, these unique mens wedding bands turquoise water is inspired by the island of Tortuga.

    10. Barrel Oak Wood Deer Antler Inlay

    If you are hunting for a masculine wedding band, look no further than Barrel Oak Wood Deer Antler Inlay.

    This ring offers an exciting blend of materials that gives it a rugged appearance without sacrificing style.

    Plus, its comfort fit ensures it stays securely in place while maintaining a snug and comfortable fit.

    11. Carbide Ring Cubic Zircon Stones Flat Style

    Carbide is a heavy, durable traditional precious metals popular in men's bands. It has an eye-catching shine and is so durable that the wearer will not have to worry about the ring being too soft or prone to bending.

    Carbide's Flat Style gives it an attractive, dark grey finish.

    12. The Draper Ring

    The ring is sometimes called a gentleman's ring because it is not too bulky and can still be styled to look manly.

    This Draper Ring option is for those who do not like heavier metal on their fingers. A gentleman's ring styles consist of delicate patterns.

    13. The Explorer Ring

    The most popular jewelry purchase among men is a wedding band.

    However, not all rings are created equal, and if you are looking for something different than the typical round, then this Explorer Ring is just what you're looking for.

    These wedding rings features an arrow, making it a perfect wedding band for explorers!

    14. Gold Brick Pattern Ring

    There is something about the singular design of a brick pattern ring that is classic and elegant, even if it may be seen as a traditionally masculine style.

    Though I typically think of Brick Pattern Rings as having silver in them, this unique gold wedding band for men version is equally sharp.

    15. The Whiskey Copper Ring

    This is a bold and beautiful ring. It has a more raw design than many other rings, and it is made from a whiskey barrel, so you know it will be perfect for whiskey lovers.

    This Whiskey Copper Ring is lightweight, and the color is unique enough that it might be worth trying!

    16. Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

    The Damascus Steel Wedding Ring is made organic and non-toxic. It's a new type of ring that does not tarnish easily.

    It contains interlaced cuts and incredible strength to prevent the precious metal from rubbing off when you wear it.

    17. The Ferrari Wedding Ring

    The wedding ring is traditionally the only piece of jewelry a man wears. Why not shake things up and go for something stylish, classy, and flashy? My favorite in this category is The Ferrari Wedding Ring.

    It may seem out of place for some traditionalists, but if you want to attract attention and live on the edge a little, this will undoubtedly do it.

    18.   The Natural Ring

    The Natural Ring is the new wearable ring for men who take a more natural approach to jewelry. As its name suggests, it lets your hand and the air around you showcase its beauty. 


    I hope this guide has helped you to find the perfect ring, whether it be an alternative style or a symbol of your commitment to another person.

    The secret to finding the right ring is a little research, creative thinking, and outside-the-box exploration.

    These unique gold wedding bands for men are all stylish and different, so we are confident that whatever you decide on, it will be perfect!

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