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  • The Guide to the Ultimate Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

    by Chris Bajda April 16, 2018

    Before getting locked into marriage, the groom is usually treated to one of the craziest nights of his life, the bachelor party.

    One of the best destinations for bachelor parties is the City of Sin, the nexus of nude nights, the residence of irresponsibility—Las Vegas. Food, booze, and boobs, in that order or in reverse and twice the serving size. Vegas is just that kind of luxe.

    It may be the last time a groom can enjoy a night as a single bachelor before marriage responsibilities kick in. So what better place to be irresponsible and go wild, the Strip of Las Vegas.

    Vegas isn’t just about gambling. There are a ton of activities that will make it the ultimate bachelor party destination.

    If your thinking about having your bachelor party in Las Vegas and don’t know where to start, we've created this guide so you can make the ultimate Vegas bachelor party happen!

    Chapter 1: What Makes a Bachelor Party great?

    Planning a bachelor party may seem like a daunting task, but it’s simple if you keep in mind these three key points:

    • Keep it centered on your groom

      It’s his celebration; his last rodeo as an unmarried person. The groom is the star of the show, so make it everything about him. Tailor fit the event to suit the groom’s personality. All their expenses must be paid by you and the guests.

    • Create a fun, unique, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience

      A bachelor party is a prime time to go wild! It’s meant to create memories that will last a lifetime, so do things that will help make those memories.

    • Enjoy the party but keep things under control (sort of)

      Keep an eye on your groom. You do not want him to do something that he’ll regret, like cheating on their bride or getting STD from a stripper. Have fun but don’t let it get too overboard.

      While Hangover was a great movie, you might not want to let things get that out of control.

    Chapter 2: Ideas for Things to do at the bachelor party

    To give you an idea of what activities to do, here are some of the best bachelor party concepts:

    • Attend a sporting event

      Vegas is home to the Vegas Golden Knights of the National Hockey League. Boxing and MMA are also some of the big events held in Vegas, and the future home of the Las Vegas Raiders.

      Check if there’s a game coming up and preorder tickets to the event for your party. You may even ask the organizers or stadium to put your groom’s name up in the scoreboard for a nice touch.

    • Pub crawl

      The City of Sin is filled with vice and alcohol. Take on the Vegas challenge by visiting one nightclub and bar in every hotel on the strip! Plan a week for this challenge, it may not be possible to do it in one night.

    • Private strip show

      Before entering matrimony, bachelor parties are the perfect time for the groom to live out their long desired unholy sins. That’s why you need strippers! And Vegas has many of the best entertainers in that field.

    • Sports tournament

      Is your groom athletic? Organize a competition with your everyone that's attending. Las Vegas has various sports clubs and golf courses.

    Chapter 3: Organizing the bachelor party

    If planning isn't your thing, below are the steps you can follow to organize the bachelor party:

    1. Pick a date

      The ideal time for a bachelor party is around two weeks to 2 months before the wedding. Give the groom a little time to recover from any hangover or post-party fever.

      The next part can get tricky. Ask the groom and your guests if they can be available around that time. Make sure the key players (the groomsmen and best man) can be there. Some may not make it, but the show must go on. Consider their situation and aim for a date that’ll work for almost everyone.

    2. Get the gang together

      Let the groom’s inner circle know that you’re planning a bachelor party. Make sure that they are all cool with the groom; you don’t want to invite someone who’ll make things awkward (e.g., their future father-in-law).

      Get many people on board to make the groom’s night more memorable, remember some places in Vegas may give discounts for large groups.

    3. Find out what the groom wants

      A bachelor party must always be based on the groom’s personality and preferences. As their friend, you may already have an idea of what they like and what they don’t. But it’s often a good idea to talk to your groom about your plans. They may feel may just want to stay sober rather than spend a night drinking.

      If it’s going to be a surprise party, you can work with the bride or the groom’s relatives to find out for you. Or if you’re crafty enough, you can rephrase your questions to make it seem like it’s not related to the groom and their wedding.

    4. Decide on a budget

      Bachelor parties are usually going to be expensive, but they are always covered by the best man/woman and the rest of the guests. The groom should never have to spend any money.

      Check how much each guest can afford, then settle on a price per head. Include in your calculations the travel and accommodation costs. Be sure to factor in the cost of getting some gifts to make the bachelor party more fun.

      If tight on hotel budget, just make sure the groom gets his own bed. The rest of the gang can share a couch.

    5. Plan where to go and what to do

      Once you have the budget, the party’s timeframe, and the groom’s preferences, you can start listing down destinations and the activities available in Vegas.

      Las Vegas is a big city, and there will be tons of attractions and events to choose from. You’ll learn some of the best things to do in Vegas in the later part of this guide.

    6. Make reservations

      Be sure that everything is set for the party by calling your target hotels and venues—especially restaurants—weeks ahead and making reservations for your group.

      You can inform them of the occasion. Some places will give a little courtesy treat for the groom, like a congratulatory message. If they don’t do it voluntarily, you can ask the management if it’s something they can do. Things like that will make your groom feel special.

    7. Stay on top of things and keep it fun

      You may have to face problems during a bachelor party, particularly with big ones. Arguments, accidents, ailments—it’s your job as the organizer to sort things out and make sure that everyone’s having a good time.

      A good way to do this is through a buddy system. Pair people up so that they can be responsible for each other’s well-being. Grouping them in threes is even better.

      If one needs to back to the hotel early, their partner/s can take care of them, and you won’t have to cut the fun short for their sake.

    Chapter 4: Planning the trip to las vegas

    Now it’s time to make Vegas-specific party plans. This time it’s the real deal.

      1. Where to Stay

        Fifteen of the world’s top twenty-five hotels are in Las Vegas. It’s not too difficult to find the right place for your party. A quick search will often yield the best party rooms in Vegas.

        Don’t skimp out on cash by renting a cheap room outside of the Strip. A great time in Vegas means crashing in hotels that are literally on top of where the parties are. Why go through all the trouble of hailing a cab when you can take an elevator up to your suite?

        1. Bachelor Party Suites

          As one of the usual destinations for bachelor parties, many hotels in Vegas have suites themed for such events. The Skyline Suites at the MGM Grand, the Absolute Suite at Caesars Palace, the Bachelor Pad at the Hard Rock Hotel are some of the most popular choices.

          Most of these suites will have a wet bar pre-stocked with alcohol and spirits. Hotels will even let you choose and name your poison.

      2. Where to eat

        All that debauchery can make one hungry . . . for food, that is. Were you thinking of something else? Down, boy, and mind your table manners. It’s time for supper.

        If your groom is a foodie, many of Vegas’s establishments are some of the best in the world—receiving accolades from culinary critics like Michelin, AAA, Forbes, and James Beard.

        1. Fine Dining

          Care for class and some sophisticated French? Then try some fine dining at a Michelin-starred establishment; namely, the following three:

          • Joël Robuchon

            He is the only Michelin three-star chef in Las Vegas, and his restaurant in the MGM Grand is hailed by Gourmet magazine as one of the top five restaurants in the United States. In fact, seigneur Robuchon may be the most awarded chef in the whole world!

            That’s why you should try his 16-course degustation menu while you’re in Vegas. The restaurant does require his patrons to dress formally, so have your best suit ready when walking their marble floors and verdant garden terrace.

          • Restaurant Guy Savoy

            Michelin two-star chef, Guy Savoy, owns and cooks off one of the most romantic restaurants in Las Vegas.

            Seigneur Savoy considers a dish’s aroma to be an important part of his art. Thus, his restaurant in Caesars Palace doesn’t have any flowers, nor does he allow his staff to wear perfume, so that the scent of his food will always permeate in the air of his establishment.

            With scent, taste, and texture, dining at Guy Savoy’s can be an unforgettable experience than a simple meal.

          • Picasso

            The last but certainly not the least of Vegas’s Michelin triumvirate, two-star chef Julian Serrano helms the Picasso at the Bellagio. Decorated with paintings from world-renowned Pablo Picasso, the establishment promises a fully sated experience with an elegant charm on the side.

            Seigneur Serrano’s signature dishes are the warm quail salad and the roasted milk-fed veal chop.

        2. Buy a “Buffet of Buffets” Pass

          Trying out Vegas’s buffets is a must, especially for the famished, but most of them are usually filled with a lot of people.

          So get a Buffet of Buffets pass for your party to bypass the line. Why waste time starving when you can just walk to the table and grab some grub?

          The Buffet of Buffets pass can be bought at any Total Rewards® Center (except Planet Hollywood). The pass can get you into five buffets within a 24-hour period, if you time it right, it can cover breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, supper, and dinner!

          Per person, it’s priced at $59.99 plus tax when bought between Sundays to Thursdays and at $74.99 plus tax on weekends and holidays.

          The pass is accepted in any of the participating buffets:

          • Flamingo: Paradise Garden Buffet
          • Harrah's Las Vegas: Flavors, The Buffet
          • Paris: Le Village Buffet
          • Planet Hollywood: Spice Market Buffet
          • Caesars Palace: Bacchanal Buffet*
          • Rio: Carnival World & Seafood Buffet*

          *You can upgrade your pass to include the Bacchanal Buffet and the Carnival World & Seafood Buffet.

          Bacchanal Buffet upgrade cost:

          Brunch/lunch – $25 per visit; dinner – $35 per visit

          Carnival World & Seafood Buffet upgrade cost:

          $25 per visit irrespective of the meal period

          Ready to splurge? Check out these tips for eating at a buffet in Vegas.

      3. How to get around

        It’s costly and challenging for a group to commute around Las Vegas in multiple cabs. Fortunately, there are many other transportation options than just taxis.

        1. Hire a car and a driver

          A handful of limo services are available around the Strip and can take you and your party anywhere you want to go.

          It’s also a good idea too, because you don’t want any member of your party to drive if there is drinking and debauchery involved.

          Your party’s too big for a limo? Rent a party bus! Then you can cruise around Vegas and stylishly revel nonstop from venue to venue.

        2. Maximize free limo rides

          Hotels, big strip clubs, and several establishments have complimentary limo rides for their guests.

          Usually, hotel limo services can pick your group up from the airport, while strip clubs and other businesses can send a limo, party bus, or luxury car to take you from your hotel to the establishment.

        3. Ridesharing

          Small parties can always rideshare. Las Vegas has Uber and Lyft as popular choices for that. They also operate 24/7; none of your guests will be stranded or get left behind with that kind of service.

      4. What to do

    It’s Vegas, baby! There are a ton of stuff to do in and out of the Strip. A traditional night involves gambling—a lot of gambling—and it can be fun, especially when you keep on winning. But can you?

    Of course, Vegas features more than just gambling. For the adventurous band of bachelors, here are just some of the fun activities your entourage can do while in Vegas:

        1. Sports car driving

          Cruise around town in a Lamborghini, or speed through it in a Ferrari. Fulfill your groom’s childhood wish of driving a sports car.

          In Las Vegas, various car rentals have exotics and luxury cars available for rent. And it’s a wide selection too with Jaguars, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, and even Teslas if you’re into those.

        2. b. Fly a fighter jet

    Your groom’s an adrenaline junkie? Then have him fly a fighter jet!

    You don’t need to have any flight training to take to the skies. Sky Combat Ace can give you the most extreme aviation experience of a lifetime.

    Aerial acrobatics can range from $299 to $699 per customer. If you want to take it to the next level, you can do dogfights with your group! Those cost from $899 to $1999. A combination of the two is also possible.

      1. Shooting ranges

        Think your groom will enjoy commandeering a Humvee and shooting firearms? Take your crew to Pro Gun Club in Boulder City, Nevada—just a couple of hours’ drive southeast of Las Vegas—and create your own adventure!

        The range isn’t limited to standard weapons either. You can rent an M203 grenade launcher and blow things up!

      2. Water sports

        Yes, you can play in the water in the desert. On the eastern boundary of Las Vegas sits Lake Mead and the Colorado River, and they’re fun places to get wet.

        Some activities you can there are water skiing, wakeboarding, and canoeing/kayaking along the river.

      3. Pool parties

        Do you want something tame and chill and within the city limits? Join in the daily pool parties in the Strip! Major casinos and hotels have massive pools in their premises, and copious amount of half-naked people dance all day in them.

        It’s a good way to relive your college days of frat boys and hot seniors partying in your backyard. But this time, your backyard is Las Vegas.

      4. ATV tours

        Conquer the swirling dunes of the Nevada desert and take your convoy on an ATV tour. Exhilarating rides through the waves of sand can be just as fun as surfing through waves of water.

        Plus, most tours will treat you with an epic view of the Grand Canyon at the end of the course.

      5. Go bulldozing

        Still want to play in the dirt or you just want to ride something heavy this time? In Dig This, you can drive a bulldozer or an excavator and tear the earth apart!

        You’re given 30–60 minutes to rip through one of the world’s biggest “adult sandbox.”

        They have packages for:

        4–8 people at $720.00

        5–10 people at $1232.55

        9–18 people at $1950.00

    1. How to get a VIP Club Treatment

      1. Dress Appropriately

        You’re in Vegas, and you’re doing a bachelor party. Dress to kill!

        Most nightclubs, restaurants, and casinos have dress codes, which doesn’t allow any of these:

        • Baggy Jeans
        • Sports hats (Fedoras and the like are acceptable)
        • Sports shoes
        • Shorts
        • Cutoffs
        • Capris
        • Jerseys
        • Beanies

        Wear your best and people will be treating you like royalty.

      2. Tip generously

        If you’ve been given good service, it’s always a good courtesy to tip your waiter. Being generous will also pay off in certain ways, like getting you past the long lines of many of the night clubs and bars.

      3. Work with a host

        Admit it. Having a party in Las Vegas needs a lot of preparation, a lot of foresight and preplanning, and involves a ton of headaches. Big bachelor parties may be hard to handle alone, and you may need someone to help you organize and keep things in control.

        A host can make most Vegas trips smoother.

        For people with no patience or those who lack the skills for organizing a party, getting a VIP party host can be the best option.

        Some casinos and hotels have VIP hosts available at a premium. Their job is to plan and do everything. Plus, they have extensive connections; they know the right people in the Strip and can get you in any place you want.

      4. Schmooze your way in

        Vegas is pretty much an inclusive club. Anyone who’s someone can get the best treatment out of all establishments. If you know someone like that, then you’ll have an easier time getting on guest lists.

        But you don’t have to be Mike Tyson to enjoy Vegas. You just need to be persuasive enough—to have your silver tongue flattering your way across the tables and desks.

        Besides, mention that your buddy is getting married and that you’re taking them on the ultimate bachelor party of their life and you’ll get a pass every time.

    Chapter 5: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Some things won't' be able to be spoken about after you leave town, but the memories of a great time will stay with you forever. Mark your night with a commemorative token and get the guys that attended some gift ideas. It’s time for your groom to come back to the real world and face the church bells, but remembering his single days with his best friends is something he will never forget.

    As you leave the Sin City, bask in the afterglow of the morning after and enjoy the fact that your groom has had the best time of their life. They’ll probably be talking about it for years to come.

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