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Tips on Picking Your Groomsmen’s Attire

by Chris Bajda August 06, 2019

It need not be stressful. Helping your groomsmen get suited up can be a really fun time when you get to outline the things you need to consider.

Groomsmen Attire

Preparation is key so you don’t get caught up in the details. It’s made even easier these days as the wedding party is encouraged to express more of their personality with their wedding attire. Feel free to break the mold, mix and match, play with shades and shake up the styles. You will never go wrong as long as you make sure to coordinate the details and keep it neat and clean. Get adventurous as you make their outfit a bit festive, within reason of course and try to kick tradition to the curb.        

Here are some valuable tips when it comes to picking your groomsmen attire:

Consider the budget.If you will be in charge of the bill for your groomsmen’s attire, then you will have to take into consideration the money involved when buying or renting formal wear. Should your groomsmen be in charge of the bill (which is often the case) then you should equally be mindful of the investment they need to make for their attire. Consider several options that won’t break the bank of your best buddies. Try to get to know their budget making sure that the chosen attire can be afforded by those with smaller budgets so you won’t have to deal with awkward conversations later on.

Start planning early.The gown and bridesmaid dresses are ordered way in advance. Don’t fall for the trap of ordering the menswear last. It is better to have ample time to pick the proper attire and just enough time for multiple fittings should the need arise.         

Ensure the attire matches the style, theme, and formality of your wedding.These are important considerations when choosing the attire for your groomsmen. Let’s say you and your spouse decided to have a beach wedding, then the attire would be entirely different as compared to a black-tie event. Your groomsmen could wear white shirts paired with linen pants for a beach wedding as opposed to a three-piece suit for a black-tie event. If you’re getting married in a barn, then suspenders and bowties would be the perfect attire for your groomsmen.  

Make sure the attire complements the outfit of the bridesmaids.Coordination is the key to this. Know what your spouse’s bridesmaids are wearing so you can plan your groomsmen’s attire properly. Here is also where you can make use of accessories. For example, you can match the pocket square or the tie of your groomsmen with the dress of the bridesmaids. You can also match the bridesmaid's bouquets with the groomsmen’s boutonnieres. With your bridesmaids and groomsmen wearing complementing attires, a more cohesive picture can be created at the top of the aisle.

Refrain from requiring matching suits.A modern wedding no longer requires them. However, if that is your preference, then you can still find matching suits for rent or buy them. Give some basic guidelines and parameters like the color family they can choose from and allow your groomsmen to be free to decide on the fit and style of their suit. You can also give them the suit style or jacket then let them choose their color.   

Offer alternatives.There are a lot of options to replace the three-piece suit. While the list may seem endless, it is important to have them match the tone and formality of your wedding. Some options include: blue jeans and dress shirts with vests and/or ties, two-piece suits (no vest), dress pants and shirt with a vest and no jacket, dress pants and shirt in suspenders and no jackets, dress pants and shirt in a vest and no jacket or even beachwear.    

Decide if the texture is for you.Whilesome want to move past the standard fabrics and go for depth and texture. You may incorporate wool or tweed that can be a unique addition to your wedding. You may also opt for bow tie or tie, mix-matched blazer or vest and even go for the combination of the two.

Opt for non-traditional shoes.Dress shoes can be very uncomfortable especially if they are brand new or rented. You sure don’t want to keep your best buddies from dancing. Take your reception to the next level by letting your groomsmen wear fresh sneakers, cowboy boots, clean Converse and other non-traditional shoes.   

Make their opinion matter.Get the help of your groomsmen in choosing their look on your wedding. Have them choose from several options you have picked yourself and then hold a vote. This way, you can be sure everyone will be happy with their ensembles on your wedding day.  

Renting could be your best choice.If budget is a major consideration, then your best choice may be to rent the suit or tux of your groomsmen. This can save you a lot of money. The benefits are endless. Renting includes all your alterations and you can even have the suits shipped to each of your groomsmen. Renting can also allow you and your men to wear designer suits at affordable prices.

Prepare something special they can wear on the wedding day.It’s a very thoughtful gesture and something that can make them feel extra special especially if they get to wear them on your wedding day. Consider giving a watch, boutonnieres, cufflinks, ties, pocket squares, belts or even socks that can also double as a thank you gift for your groomsmen.

Remember that you as the groom should stand out.While your groomsmen can be given the freedom to choose the color they want from the color family you’ve chosen, you want to make sure that what you wear will stand out from their attire. One way to do this is to wear a waistcoat in a different color.

Make it fun.Groomsmen trends abound both online and offline. Make sure you have fun while choosing from all of them. Get your guys to wear a patterned tie or some crazy socks. Vary boutonnieres and mix up colors if you want to, the important thing is that you get your groomsmen involved in the fun-filled process.

Choosing the best attire for your groomsmen matters a lot. With the above tips, you can easily gather them and determine their look for your wedding day. However, it is also important to keep them clean. Make them look spectacular with proper grooming. Get them together for a haircut and a straight-razor shave or a beard trim just a few days before your wedding. Prep their bow tie, or if they are wearing a tie, make sure they tie it to the right length. Remind them to polish their shoes. Make sure they wear their boutonniere’s correctly. Staying light on starch on their garments would also be wise as too much of it may cause allergies. It’s more than just putting on a nice suit when it comes to choosing your groomsmen’s attire. But you’d be surprised that early preparation and making the right choices will all be well worth it.

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