27 Men's Wedding Bands For the Cool & Classy Guy

by Chris Bajda November 30, 2022

Every man deserves to look his best when he marries his true love.

But deciding which men's wedding band to wear can be challenging, as there are many styles to choose from.

To help you find the perfect ring for your big day, we have rounded up 27 of the most stylish and dapper men's wedding bands around right now!

27 Men's Wedding Bands for Your Big Day!

1. Men's Brushed Blue Band

This Men's Brushed Blue Titanium Wedding Band is crafted in blue-plated genuine solid titanium and has a black and blue carbon fiber inlay. It is lightweight and comfortably fits with beveled edges.

This gift also comes with a free ring box. 

      2. Men's Weathered Stone Ring

      It is weathered, and that makes it simply unique.

      This Men's Weathered Stone Ring is a 14k-gold men's ring reminiscent of weathered stone for a look that will remind him that sometimes the bumps make life beautiful. 

      3. Black Rose Gold Wedding Band

      This wedding band has a classical black brushed design.

      These Black Rose Gold tungsten wedding bands provides elegance and everyday stylish wear that can modify his slender finger usually.

      The excellent craftsmanship on the high polish smooth inner face still provides comfort. 

      4. Koa Wood and Abalone Shell Carbide Rings

      This Hawaiian Koa Wood and Abalone Shell tungsten wedding bands are made of high-quality tungsten carbide, which features durable, and scratch-resistant, giving you a comfortable wearing experience.

      The natural abalone shell is inlaid into this tungsten ring, combined with Hawaiian koa wood to create an exclusive wedding jewelry piece for him.

      5. Tungsten Wedding Band Ring

      You can be sure you are giving him a high-quality wedding band with this Tungsten Wedding Band Ring.

      This new wedding ring comfortably fits and comes in a classic dome-style high-polished finish. It's also durable and cobalt-free. 

      6. Tungsten Rings with Abalone Shell

      This unique visual enjoyment is specially made for him. The Tungsten with Abalone Shell men's wedding rings is crafted in imitated blue opal.

      The middle & sides have a colored shellfish inlay and are entirely scratch resistant.

      7. Black Titanium Wedding Ring Band


      This Black Titanium wedding rings are crafted in Black Plated Genuine Solid Titanium.

      It has a dragon inlay over carbon fiber in black cubic zirconia. The ring size is 8MM lightweight in comfort fit band and high polish beveled edges.

      What's more? It comes with a free ring box.

        8. Celtic Dragon Black Ring

        The Celtic Dragon Black wedding rings are made of genuine Tungsten Carbide.

        It is cobalt-free and scratch-resistant and has a nice weight with a comfortable fit and quality feel. 

        9. Carbide Black and Blue Band

        This ring is crafted with weighty and durable genuine tungsten carbide precious metal.

        The Tungsten Carbide Black and Blue Textured wedding rings are 8mm wide and comes in black plating, flat top textured brushed center, high polish beveled edges, and is banded with two blue grooves for that comfortable fit.

        It also comes with a free elegant jewelry box for the best presentation and protection of the ring.

        10. Koa Wood Inlay Ring

        This King Will Nature Koa Wood Inlay wedding rings are made with unique Hawaii koa wood inlay that will remind him of that place's good times.

        It also comes with a King Will's jewelry box that will help you store the ring much safer and more prolonged.

        The Tungsten carbide brings you a durable and solid feeling.

        11. Real Antler Turquoise

        It is crafted with real Antler & Turquoise inlay polished in domed rose gold Tungsten Ring Vikings jewelry.

        The genuine Real Antler Turquoise wedding rings are scratch resistant and perfect for daily activities. It also comes with a free elegant ring box. 

        If you want a new design, you can do photo upload or ask our jewelry consultant.

        12. Carbon Fiber Inlay Black Plated Band

        The high-quality Tungsten Carbide Ring Carbon Fiber Inlay Black Plated men's wedding rings are made from natural carbon fiber. It has beveled edges to ensure that comfort fir.

        What's more? It is scratch-proof and cobalt-free. You can be sure that he will highly appreciate this ring. 

          13. Charming Band

          The Charming Jewelers Tungsten Wedding Band Ring is a classic beveled edge tungsten carbide band featuring a brushed gray exterior with a polished interior finish.

          This luxurious polished gray ring is perfect for his wedding day or even as a dressy piece of perfect jewelry.

          14. Black Tungsten Carbide Ring

          This 8MM Black Blue Carbon Fiber Polished ring is perfect for him. The Black Tungsten Blue Carbon Fiber wedding bands are made of genuine tungsten carbide.

          These unique men's wedding bands are durable and scratch-resistance and comes with a free Nuncad velvet ring box. 

            15. Black/Silver Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring

            It has a unique steel pattern inlay with black carbon fiber background, making it an extraordinary wedding ring.

            This Black/Silver Tungsten Carbide wedding bands have a classic design with genuine tungsten carbide. It is weighty and durable and has an excellent scratch-resistant performance. 

            16. Titanium Thin Blue Line Band

            t is solid enough, and it brings that lightweight feeling.

            This Titanium Wedding Ring Thin Blue Line Center has excellent craft on the groove center with a stunning blue coat.

            These wedding bands are high-polished and has a comfortable fit interior that will make him feel comfortable and elegant daily.

              17. Men's Classic Wedding Band

              This Men's Classic Wedding ring size is 6mm wide and is made from 14k white gold.

              Instead of polishing the piece to a tee, the designer leaves a bit of texture to preserve its craftsmanship and reminds him that sometimes the bumps make the difference.

              18. Modern Wedding Band

              Engravable Modern sterling silver wedding bands are an excellent option for couples who want to make the moment more personal.

              There are many styles to choose from; some can be engraved with the one or two words, couple's name, initials, or wedding date.

              19. Braided Silver Band

              This Braided Silver Ring is classic and understated, with a polished sterling silver band.

              These wedding bands are a perfect option for men who don't want to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

              The simple elegance of this ring will complement any wedding day attire, from the most formal tuxedo to the most laid-back denim.

              20. Black Tungsten Brushed Band

              Nothing says "I do" quite like a Black Tungsten Ring.

              This material is as durable as it is beautiful. It won't tarnish or need to be polished, which means less work for you!

              Plus, the black color will always make your hand look more masculine.

              21. Pine Tree Forest Wedding Band

              There are so many great choices when it comes to men's wedding bands.

              The ring is also made from eco-friendly materials, which makes it perfect for nature lovers who want to get married by a waterfall or in the woods!

              We love the simplicity of this Rose Gold Tungsten Band with a brushed pattern on the interior.

              22. Meteorite Band

              If you are looking for a ring with a little more edge, this Deer Antler Gunmetal wedding band metal is perfect.

              The gunmetal gray rings are made of ironwood and have an earthy appeal that makes them feel like they were made just for you.

              Plus, with deer antlers, these engagement rings are sure to capture your attention.

              23. Celtic Wedding Band

              This 8mm Celtic wedding band is the perfect ring to wear on your wedding day.

              These wedding bands have a strong, masculine feel and is made of premium stainless steel. The finishing touch to this ring is the beveled edges that protect the precious metal from scratches or abrasions.

              It is one of those engagement rings you will love for years.

              24. Hammered Rose Gold Strip

              Multi-faceted wedding band is one of the most popular and versatile options for men.

              They feature a unique design of golden strip with hammered style, making it easy to find one that matches your style.

              These wedding bands are an excellent choice for those looking for something more traditional but with a little extra flair.

              25. Gold Art Deco Style

              This Gold Art Deco Style is perfect if you want something sleek and elegant. The thin band provides a classic look that will be timeless in any setting.

              With the art deco design of this band, you will be able to wear it for many years to come.

              26. Cosmic Galaxy Ring

              You have spent time and effort planning your big day; now it is time to pick out your wedding bands.

              If you want something unique that will stand out, we recommend checking out our Cosmic Galaxy wedding bands. This beautiful band is made of Tungsten with a black finish and sparkling light blue galaxy detail inside.

              27. Men's Gold Ring

              Gold Ring is a wedding band that has been used for many years and will continue to be.

              These men's wedding rings symbolize commitment and luxury, making them one of the most popular choices for men's wedding bands.

              It is a great wedding gift for your future husband!

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