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  • Cheers to Manly Hosting: 38 Unique Gifts for His Man Cave

    by Chris Bajda July 20, 2023

    Do you know a guy who desperately needs a décor intervention in his man cave?

    It's time to save the day and give him the ultimate man cave gift! Let him unleash his inner designer and redesign that cave into a manly masterpiece he can proudly call his own.

    Picture this: his buddies walk in, jaws dropping at the epicness of his man cave's new look. They won't stop talking about it! You know the guy best, so you've got the upper hand in picking a gift that matches his cave's vibe and interests perfectly.

    Get him some cool trays and containers that scream "man cave vibes" – he can now serve up his snacks and drinks like a boss! 

    No matter what you choose, get ready to see his face light up like a kid on Christmas morning. Your gift will be a game-changer in his man cave, and you'll be the hero behind it all!

    38. Shooter Set


    This Shooter Set is a set of thick textured glass shooters that will make the agave spirit sit snugly in an elegant, mission-style wrought iron stand. This caddy also features a handy tray at the base to make room for fresh lime and salt garnishes. A perfect man cave gift for a  tequila or whiskey lover so they can take shots with their friends when they come over.  

    37. Personalized Whiskey Barrel

    This Personalized Whiskey Barrel is just an awesome gift that brings manly all over. It comes with its own stand, spigot, and bung which makes for easy serving and filling. Complete with instructions for curing, cleaning and sanitizing he will be happy to prepare to use this barrel. It's one gift he will proudly display in his man cave.   

      36. Ash With Class

      Cigar Ash Tray Gift Personalized

      It is made of walnut wood and includes a set of stainless steel matching cigar accessories - guillotine cutter, lighter, cigar bed, and stainless steel ash reservoir. This Folding Wood Cigar Ash Tray Set is perfect for any cigar smoker. It measures 4-3/4" L x 4-3/4" W x 3" H when folded closed, and 9-1/2" L x 4-3/4" W x 1-1/2" H when opened.

      35. Diamond Decanter

      Diamond Decanter Whiskey Gift

      He is a whiskey lover. There is no better gift to get him than a stunning decanter that allows him to show off his whiskey in style.  He will impress his guests with this beautifully designed diamond decanter. This gift will quickly become the center piece of his bar.  You can even have it personalized with his name on it. 

      34. Puff Daddy Caddy

      He would definitely need a solid sidekick for his personal pleasantries. The Puff Daddy Caddy will be the perfect gift for him. Three is most certainly company when you bring it together in this triad of awesomeness. His man cave would be stunning with this gift on display.   

      33. Posh Custom Engraved Decanter

      Custom Engraved Bourbon Decanter Gift

      Whether he's pouring a drink for himself or serving up his friends, this personalized decanter is one of the best bourbon gifts for men out there. There are a few staples we think every bourbon guy should own and a personalized decanter is one of them. When he pours a glass the flavor of his favorite bourbon will be preserved to perfection with this smoothly crafted decanter. 

      32. Luxury Cigar Humidor

      Luxury Cigar Humidor Gift
      He is a cigar lover. He may already have a cigar humidor, but help him take his cigar game to a new level by getting him one of this high end cigar humidor.  There is no doubt this humidor will impress your guy, he will be proud to display this luxury humidor that comes with a digital hydrometer that can hold up to 120 cigars. 

      31. Whiskey Stones Gift Set with Stand

      It has an old-fashioned design with modern convenience. These whiskey glasses make it easy to relax, serve up a fresh shot of scotch, and share in a cool, delicious drink with friends and colleagues. This Luxury Whisky Stones Gift Set is ideal for bourbon, scotch, whiskey or a stiff drink. The set comes with two crystal glasses, 8 granite stones for chilling his drink, tongs for serving up the rocks, and a beautiful wooden display stand.

      30. Style Torch Lighter

      Great Cigar Torch Lighter Gift

      Help your guy light his stogies in style. Put a little fire in your favorite stogie lovers hand. This smooth looking torch lighter will quickly become the go to of any cigar aficionados arsenal. This powerful torch flame lighter features a smooth strong handle that feels good in the hand and an easy ignition button that helps make the flame easy to light. 

      29. Custom Whiskey Man Cave Sign 

      A man cave is not truly a man cave without the sign that proves it. This custom metal man cave sign is the perfect addition to his whiskey collection. Now whenever the boys come over, they can all oo and ahh over the beauty that is this sign. This metal sign is handmade and the design is lasered to perfection. He can feel proud knowing that his whiskey collection is represented by an amazing sign like this one.

      Related: 56 More Man Cave Signs to create the Ultimate Cave!

      28. Man, Myth, Legend Whiskey Scotch Glass

       Man Myth Legend

      No explanation needed with this personalized whiskey glass gift.  This large, heavy-bottom, engraved whiskey glass makes a special gift for any whiskey lover in your life. With a personalized back and engraving and man, myth, legend front message this whiskey glass will sit proudly on his shelf. 

      27. Wall Mounted State Bottle Opener 



      This wall mounted bottle opener will never reveal the real reason for not using hands to open that cold beer. Men will always love their bottle of beer at whatever age. However, opening one becomes a struggle as the grip becomes loose as they age. This geographically appealing and handy set of utility, made in birch plywood is just too cool not to use. 

      26. Copper Tag Label 


      This copper label contains his initials with the words “Aged to Perfection” (speaks of the wine and the person). Every man keeps a bottle or two in their closet. They may not be an alcoholic beverage but a tag is appropriate for each precious bottle. With the initial of the gift giver, and a number representing the celebrant’s name, this gift  is a guaranteed charmer.  

      25. Whiskey Barrel Head Serving Tray

      whiskey barrel serving tray

      This charcuterie board is made just for him. This handsome serving tray takes it up a notch with its authentically crafted spent bourbon barrel lid and added handles. This will be a man cave hit gift with any man that loves to have good friends over and serve up good eats.

      For more bourbon barrel gifts check out our Bourbon Gifts Collection

      24. Tools Of The Trade

      Anytime he has that uncontrollable urge to grill up an enormous meaty feast – this Tools Of The Trade will definitely come in handy. There's no better way to tell him you love him than by getting him a set of extra-sturdy, extra-sleek grilling tools. 

      23. Thanos Bottle Opener

      The final Avengers movie is his ultimate favorite. Shop for something to help him remember the epic fantasy universe with this Thanos bottle opener. He may not have unlimited power with these infinity stones, but he can open both wine and beer bottles with its built-in tools.  

      22. The Wooden Butler 

      The Wooden Butler  is something is a gift that will make him feel assisted at all times. This decorative and extremely functional keyholder has four pegs to hold his keys along with a wooden platform to hold his wallet or phone. The bottom platform can be personalized so that guests will be even more impressed when they visit. Made from black walnut wood, this keyholder stands out in any corner or tabletop and it is also equipped with metal key hooks to complete the rustic, manly look. 

      21. Tequila Master Personalized Bar Sign

      This Tequila Master Personalized Bar Sign will naturally find a home in the heart of his man cave. This sign features a traditional bee design that is associated with long-established tequila brands. Each bar sign is custom-made to include the last name, full name, and year of your choice and is crafted from the most outstanding natural birch. 

      20. Metal Wall Scrabble Board


      It is decorative, stylish, functional, and fun that he can even play the game with any guest he wishes to in his life-size board. He will definitely enjoy having this Metal Wall Scrabble Board with this man cave. This set includes 23,6" x 23,6" ( 60 cm x 60 cm ) black matte plaque, 29,5 x 23,6" ( 75 cm x 60 cm ) with 4 black matte metal player cues, 100 wooden letter pieces and piece pouch, and 2 pieces of chalk. These pieces come packed in a sturdy box ready to be handed to him.

      19. Super Bike Clock

      This Super Bike Clock levels up the relevance of a wall clock with its manly design. It is crafted in vinyl with a motorcycle design and kph meter in the middle to add to the road trip feel. It requires 1 AA battery, and he is set to make his man cave even cooler. Silent clockwork will allow him to hang this gift on his bedroom wall without interrupting his sleep. That way, when he opens his eyes, he gets to know what time it is and be delighted with the visuals.

      18. Barrel Bar Whiskey Shelf


      housewarming gift for men whiskey barrel bar


      Made from the top quarter of a spent barrel your whiskey loving guy can be proud showing off his prized collection in style. This one is especially made for the man that loves a good drink this Barrel Bar Whiskey Shelf. It makes an excellent addition to any home wet bar or man cave.

      For more bourbon barrel gifts check out our Bourbon Gifts Collection

      17. Double Cigar Holder and Coaster

      This gift is perfect for him. Adorn his man cave with this double cigar holder and whiskey coaster gift.  It is handcrafted from a  barrel stave and features the galvanized steel from the barrel rings. You can order this gift with glasses included and have it personalized as well to make it extra special.

      16. 19th Hole Pub Sign 

      If your man is scary obsessed with golf, what better way than to get him another golf accessory that he'll see every day. This 19th hole sign is the perfect addition to his collection, and everyone knows the 19th hole is the most important. This sign is laser engraved to perfection so that his personalization can be shown for all to see. The steel material makes sure that his sign will last for years to come

      15. Wooden Desk Table Clock

      This Wooden Desk Table Clock would be perfect for his mancave wall. It is a handmade item that your baseball lover friend will surely love. Made from natural Walnut wood, the hands are made from beech wood. It's absolutely an eco-friendly product and is sure to put a smile on his face each  time he sees his favorite team on this clock.

      14. Tequila Flight Board


      This Tequila Flight Board is the perfect gift for him. He can settle in his new man cave better with presents such as this board that he can use when the need arises. This unique, one-of-a-kind, 4 glass tequila/shots flight board with handles is the perfect sampler board to add to his bar area. Made of Ash, this flight board has a live edge and green epoxy where the glasses stand for easy clean-up. Glasses and lime cups are included in this set. 

      13. Atlas Carafe

      This decanter will be a conversation piece on any whiskey lovers bar top. Functional Art is the best way to describe this high quality decanter. With hand blown lead free glass and an airtight ground stopper his whiskey will be preserved while looking good. 


      It is finished with a clear waterproof varnish for added protection. Adorn his man cave with this Baseball Beer Flight Set.  This set includes 3 beer glasses each holding 5oz (150ml). The beer bat is perfect for beer tastings & sampling but can also be used for drinking games, serving beers at parties, or as a whiskey sampling set. It's one gift he will surely be delighted about!

      11. Me Tray


      He usually throws his keys and place his stuff anywhere after a long day outside. The next morning, he will make it a mission to find those essentials and find them scattered everywhere. This Me Tray is something that he can put immediately after the door so he can throw in his keys, his loose coins, and stuff. 

      10. Whiskey Globe Decanter

      World Traveler Decanter

      One of the unique whiskey decanters is the Whiskey Globe Decanter. These best whiskey decanters feature an intricately detailed glass globe with a hand-cut stopper. The 850ml unique decanter liquor great gift is perfect for showcasing your favorite whiskey or other spirits in style. Each Liquor Decanter is made of hand-blown glass and features intricate designs like maps.

      9. Whiskey Bar Sign

      This Whiskey Bar Sign is made from aluminum and can be personalized with his name. It is available in 3 sizes and ready to be mounted on his wall. This gift is a perfect finishing touch to his man cave! 

      8. Brew Bearer

      The Brew Bearer is constructed of fir wood, with a rustic look, and engraved with a cool deer antler design.  It comes complete with an attached bottle opener, beveled edges, and a steel handle. The carrier sizes at 9” L x 5.63” W x 11” H and holds up to 6 bottles. This can be personalized with an engraved initial of your favorite chugger.

      7. Bar In A Box 

      The Aficionado is simply perfect for his man cave. This set includes a personalized and laser engraved shot glass, corkscrew, flask, bottle opener, cigar holder and cigar cutter. Let him enjoy a drink and a smoke with this modern man toolkit that is sure to impress his best buddies and loved ones.  Placed in a wooden box with a rustic finish, this set is ready to be handed to your classy cigar aficionado friend.

      6. Ship Decanter Set

      Ship Whiskey Decanter Set Gift

      This handmade decanter is presented with an artfully detailed antique ship and is beautifully set in the Cylinder Ship decanter. Impress him with the quality of this Ship Decanter Set.  Let him sail the seas with his favorite drink using this gorgeous ship decanter in any table or bar. This decanter has an amber hue which makes for a great decanter home piece.   

      5. Bourbon Barrel Beerheader

      This Bourbon Barrel Beerheader features a bourbon barrel back and casts iron opener hardware. It will keep your caps collected with this stud magnet set up. This beer header will find a prime place in any man cave and serve as a talking piece for drinking buddy eternity.   

      For more bourbon barrel gifts check out our Bourbon Gifts Collection

      4. Baseball Wood Sign

      The baseball room wood sign is brand new but goes through a unique 10 step process to make them look like they have been around for hundreds of years. Each time he sees this gift in his man cave, he will not only remember how you appreciated all his efforts and support. It will also remind him how you chose this gift thoughtfully by remembering his love for sports.

      3. Slide and Smoke-Humidor and Ashtray

      ashtray and humidor

      What else can your cigar lover need? It's everything he could need for great smoke. This sliding box set, is part humidor, part ashtray and all perfection. On one side you have a humidor that will keep his precious stogies in perfect condition and then close the top and slide the shelf over and it reveals an ashtray with a cigar bed. 

      2. Viking Brew Horn

      This one can contain up to 16 ounces of his favorite beer on a classic Viking horn shape and a rustic, sturdy wooden stand with a classic Viking knot engraved on it. Make this Viking beer horn a part of his collection and let him impress his beer buddies as he drinks like a true Viking. It comes complete with a leather strap for that tight grip.      

      1. Bottle Cap Baseball Map

      He would love to show off this Bottle Cap Baseball Map. Give your guy the ability to do that and make each six-pack chugged an opportunity to hold a memory. In today's world of exotic craft brews, the corresponding caps aren’t just for lying around your man cave anymore, they're for collecting and conversation.

      Personalized Man Cave Gift Ideas

      So what do you get that special guy in your life to enhance his Man Cave?  Most men have the basics, but we can take them to the next level by personalizing them for him.  Take your everyday beer mug or decanter and throw his nickname on it to make it a gift he can really connect with.  I'm guessing most people wouldn't simply purchase a bottle opener, but what if it was engraved with his name?  The gift goes from mundane to  fabulous.  So let's take a look at some ideas from Groovy Guy Gifts, an online shop for unique personalized gifts for men.


      Let's start with that personalized bottle opener we discussed.  The Snap a Cap may seem like a ho-hum gift idea, but throw your man's name on it and this bad boy becomes a present that will wow.  It's not fancy, it's not contrived, but this basic gizmo simply gets the job done and does it with quality.  Popping caps doesn't have to be boring and with this crafty tool, you'll give your man a way to do it with personalized style.  Sometimes you don't have to overthink it, just give your guy a great functional high quality tool with the touch of personalization.  This item measures 6″ x 2″ x 1″ made of hearty wood and is laser engraved.  The Snap a Cap can be personalized for him with 1 line of up to 10 characters.  And at $12.99, you can grab this and a few other items to spice up his man-space.  

      The Booze Butler would be another quality gift idea for that special guy in your life.  Every Man Cave needs a crystal decanter, so let's get him one personalized for him to show off to his guests.  Bring  your man into entertainment adulthood with a serving array made to impress.  There comes a time a man needs to graduate from beer pong and red plastic cups.  This collection of spirits serve ware will be a staple for more sophisticated presentation.   Give your guy a serving centerpiece for his Man Cave with this high quality set.  And imagine how special he'll feel when you personalize the gift for him!  The Booze Butler comes with a tray that measures 11″ X 5.5″ X 0.6″ of bamboo wood, whiskey glasses are 8 oz. / 220 mil and decanter is 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 9″ and holds 28 oz.  The personalization is laser engraved.  You can customize each item with 1 line of up to 15 characters per line.

      Mix your way into his heart with this unique personalized guy gift.  The Mixology Master gives you man the chance to mix his way to a signature drink with a set that covers it all.  When he goes into his lab to pull out a magic potion all his own, never again will he feel shorted on the necessary tools.  This set will give him the hocus pocus he needs to measure and shake in a way that will get him excited to treat his guests to his favorite cocktails.  A box set that hits the nail on the head.  The shaker holds 18 ounces and the set comes with a wood box that is 4" x 4" x 11".  The personalization is laser engraved, you can personalize it with up to 3 initials.  

      What Man Cave isn't equipped with a full set of shot glasses?  Well, let's get those shot glasses personalized with the names of his crew and he'll put it on display for all to see.  Like sticking an epic performance, nail your gift giving with a set of glasses that will open to the awe of your man.  The engraved Perfect Ten is tucked away with perfection in fantastic engraved wooden case and will eye pop when cracked open.  These personalized pieces will adorn any Man Cave to equip your guy for those times of drinking togetherness.  This shot glass set comes with 10 personalized shot glasses and a engraved wood box. The shot glasses size at at 2.3″ (H) or 6 cm (H)  and 2 ounces or 60 ml.  The super cool box they come in sizes at 0″ x 5.5″ x 2.5.   


      Guy gifts don't get more unique than these Rock n' Cold Whiskey Stones!  Guests are always searching for ice.  Imagine dropping these personalized cubes of cool into their drink. Bringing some chilled earth to the base of your spirit just feels right.  This personalized guy gift will be a fixture in the bottom of your man's glass.  This customized present for that special guy in your life will rock that whiskey glass and make every sip pure and chilled.  You can personalize each stone with 2 lines of up to 9 characters per line.  The Rock N' Cold Whiskey Stone set Includes: 6 Engraved Whiskey Stones measuring 1" x 1".  1 Muslin Bag and 1 Instructions card.

      Wash the rocks before the first use and dry completely. Put the rocks in the Muslin bag and place in the freezer for at least 3 hours.  Put the rocks in your chosen beverage (Whiskey / Wine etc...) to chill it without watering it down. These rocks can even be heated and used to keep coffee or tea warm. They are dishwasher and food safe and never wear out. Remember, ice melts but whiskey rocks!


       No Man Cave is without a quality set of beer glasses.  Personalize them for him with laser engraving and you have a gift that will bring that wow factor.  Put a little Michael Jackson in your mans drinking experience by presenting him the coolest of drinking glasses in a way he'll remember.  The Thrillsner with the half hour glass shape let's your brew breath just right as it waits to come up to the lips.  Nothing pours quite like a pillsner, letting the suds rise in a way that makes a man salivate.  Slick it out all of it with super cool and flexible personalization for a rock star gift.  This 24 oz. Thrillsner beer glass comes with a super cool wood box and both can be personalized with anything. The wood box measures 4″ x 4″ x 11″.   The box and glass can be personalized with 1 line of up to 10 characters.

      What is the Point of a Man Cave?

      The Man Cave, a male retreat or sanctuary inside a home where guys can do as they please without fear of upsetting female sensibility regarding home decor or design.  Perhaps the last bastion of masculinity left in the house, the Man Cave is a private spot to make his own.  While a wife or girlfriend may have substantial authority over a whole house in terms of design and decoration, she generally has no say about what gets mounted on the walls of the Man Cave.

      Man Caves have multiple purposes: they are a place to be alone, to indulge in hobbies, and to hang out with male friends. It is, loosely, a male-only space to retreat to watch sports, play video games, watch movies, and just fraternize by the bar.  It's important for a man to have a place to call his own.  A male area to which to retreat.  Rules are relaxed; it is a place where other people's sensibilities about standards are not necessarily observed.  And let's be honest, sometimes even a man needs his me-time.  

      In a sense, for married men, it is a way to recreate some of the space and freedom of their bachelor days since it was like a pad similar in feeling to a frat house game room or a college dorm room where people could come and go as if they owned the place.  It is where a man doesn't have to be on his best behavior, where no women are around, and where no one is going to make you watch what you say and no one is going to ask you to explain yourself for not being politically correct.


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