The Ultimate Guide to Groomsmen Gifting

by Chris Bajda June 10, 2019

It’s easy to get caught up with all the choices available when it comes to selecting a gift for your groomsmen. While you want your gift to express your gratitude and appreciation, you don’t want to be breaking your budget for this gift too. You would want a stylish, practical and functional gift that will always remind him of the fond memories he’s had on your wedding day.

Here’s a helpful guide of gift ideas for your groomsmen. It comes with the pros and cons of choosing a particular gift in order to help you decide which would be the best gift for your groomsmen.

1. Flasks 

Pros: Bringing his favorite drink anywhere he goes is very practical. That’s why a flask is a very attractive gift. Flasks can be personalized for your groomsmen including his wedding role making it a more meaningful and special gift for him. There are many kinds of flask you can choose from like this Textured Gift Flask  or this Rugged Camo Flask. They also come in different shape like this Xtra Orbinary Flask or this Leather Orbit Flask

Con: Flask can be considered a common gift for groomsmen. It can also be not so useful for a groomsman who is not really into alcohol. 

2. Caricatures

Pros: Seeing his face on your gift, like an Individual Caricature, would make him feel that you took time to make his groomsman gift really special. It would also be a good reminder of what role he actually played on your special day. Some even have faces of their groomsmen placed on mugs like this Mug Life or on flasks and beer mugs.   

Con: While some feel proud about seeing their caricature on gifts, some men would rather keep them and not use them at all especially when placed on functional gifts. Some find it too old school as well.

3. Cufflinks

Pros: He will never run out of formal parties to go to. Cufflinks are even worn on a daily basis at work for some. Your groomsman will truly appreciate this thank you gift from you. Cufflinks can be personalized and come in a very creative way like this Gunlinks. They also come in different shapes like square or rectangle.

Con: He may have too many of these cufflinks already. It would be best to have it combined with other groomsmen gifts. It can be items that he probably wouldn’t think of buying for himself but something practical and functional too.  

4. Watches 

Pros: Watches are considered as special gifts regardless of its price. It’s a very personal gift that can last for a lifetime. Just like the long-time friendship you have had with your groomsmen, a watch simply solidifies that bond. Watches are also stylish, sophisticated and awesome gifts to give like this Wooden Watch or Pocket Watch

Con: Watches may not be very practical as a gift as most men already have their phones that tell time.  

5. Knives 

Pros: The knives would be a great addition to your groomsman’s kitchen or something he can practically carry for his next outdoor adventure. These knives can even be personalized with his name making it extra special. Check out these knives that you can give to your groomsman: Engraved Lock Back or this Bloke and Dagger.

Con: Folklore says that giving knives symbolizes bad luck and the cutting of relationship. The only way to work around is to give the gift giver a penny.

6. Cigar Gifts 

 Pros: It’s one of the many ways to spoil your groomsman. Say thank you with a gift if cigar and lighter and you’d be sure to see a smile on his face. Let him enjoy the taste and feel of a good cigar while relaxing at a fancy club or having poker night with his favorite buddies. Give him this Flash Zippo Lighter or this Laser Engraved Humidor.

Con: Not every one of your groomsman is a smoker so chances are they won’t be able to appreciate a cigar or lighter as a thank you gift.

7. Gift Boxes

Pros: Let him have the best collection of groomsmen gifts all set in a special gift box. Giving him an entire set of gifts would be the best way to express your gratitude for all the support and hard work your groomsmen have invested on your wedding.  

Con: He’s probably not going to make use of everything in the box. But surely he will like an item or two and have the others given away to family or friends.  

Here are some of the best gift boxes you can give your groomsmen:

The Vegas Box

Let your groomsman enjoy this poker set while enjoying his favorite drink and snacks. Whether he plays it at home or while relaxing in a park on a lazy afternoon with his favorite buddies, you can be sure he will have fun with this gift set. All placed in a box that can be personalized with his name or initials making it an extra special gift. This set includes 4 flasks, a bowl, poker chips, dice, and plastic poker cards.

Debonair Deluxe

Your groomsman deserves only the top quality that spells luxury and elegance. And what better gift can you give him than this set of premium necktie complete with a tie clip and a pair of cuff links. Let him get that perfect polished look with this debonair three-piece. All items except the tie can be personalized with his name or initials. It is quality, style and affordability wrapped up in a luxurious gift box ready to be handed as an awesome gift for your groomsman. 

The Termanator

This gift is sure to put a smile on his face. Why, with everything he would need for the guys night out, he simply can’t ask for anything more. The termanator comes complete with a wooden box that doubles as a humidor later on, a lighter, a pocket knife, a flask, and a corkscrew bottle. The wooden box is made of cherry wood lined with Spanish cedar. It has internal locking hinges and can carry around 20 cigars when used as a humidor. It also includes a humidifier. The flask can contain up to 6oz of his favorite drink. The pocket knife has smooth Pakkawood handle and includes a belt clip. The lighter’s color is matte black and comes in a complimentary tin. The corkscrew bottle is made of wood and includes a bottle opener, corkscrew, and a knife.

Watch and Cufflinks Set

The perfect accessories for your stylish groomsman are set in this gift set. It comes with a watch that is constructed from durable bamboo wood and leather straps with high-quality Japanese made quartz movements. You can have this gift personalized by having it engraved with 3 to 4 lines at the back of this beautiful timepiece. 

VIP Gift Box Set

Get him this 5-in-1 gift set that contains everything that’s essential to your groomsmen. This set contains a 6oz personalized flask for his favorite drink, an 8.5-inch bottle opener, a slim body aluminum minimalist wallet, and a black steel pocket knife. You even have the option to get them all or just choose the items you want to be included in the gift box. All this is placed in a  VIP package ready to be handed to your groomsman.

Chris Bajda


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