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Fun Way to Propose to Your Groomsmen - A Groomsmen Draft

by Eds Alvarez March 17, 2020

Creativity. That is one word that makes all the difference when it comes to proposing to your groomsmen. To casually ask them to be standing with you on your wedding day is quite easy and you are quite sure you will be getting their "yes." Bringing it to the next level is something you will have to freely embrace. Why? Because it is your chance to show these men how much you value their friendship and how grateful you are for the chance to journey with them through life's ups and downs. And now that you are tying the knot, wouldn't it be nice to prepare something extraordinary for them as you ask them to be right with you on your special day?

Recently, a groomsmen draft proposal has been trending on Instagram. It was one of the most creative ways we've seen when asking your groomsmen to be part of your wedding party and honoring them before family and friends.  We share our observations on how this particular proposal became a hit and how you too can come up with your own creative way of proposing to your groomsmen.  

Groomsmen Draft

The Crowd. It matters that you are in the company of the closest people in your life - family and friends. Pulling off a creative way of proposing to your groomsmen would require the cooperation and participation of the people who will be very involved in the preparations for your wedding. You as the host will also draw confidence and support from this same crowd. As with this proposal, the energy of the crowd is really high and the support extended to the host and each groomsman "drafted' in front is impressive. When you are at ease with the people you work with, productivity is at its best and your creative juices just start flowing. 

The Venue. The venue was well thought of. It is just the right size to accommodate the number of expected guests. It is such an intimate set up but not that intimate in the sense that it was made to be just like the real event of drafting players for the basketball season. Long tables were set in front with a podium, especially for the host. The set up for the audience is a seminar-type using long tables as well.   The backdrop, the AVP and the music are all well thought of and prepared. You know for sure that it is meant to bless and thank the attendees of the event.       





The Theme. Obviously, what binds these men together is the love for NBA. You have gone to basketball games with these men way back what, high school/college days? Every game watched on TV or live has strengthened your bond even more. The proposal having a basketball theme is simply the best way to go for this group of people.  A short tribute was even given for the late Kobe Bryant. If you get to watch the video to the end, there's even a video message from Dwyane Wade especially for the groom and his groomsmen.


The Props.As mentioned above, the venue, and set up all followed the basketball theme of the proposal. The props used for the proposal also goes with the rest of the theme. Even the AVP shown for each player comes complete with their baby pic and present pic which elicited fun and excitement from the audience.  The cap and jersey are properly customized. The jersey is personalized with the groomsmen's name, possibly preferred number and his role at the wedding party. Notice too, that on their tables, all groomsmen and best man have similar water bottles.  Like a real NBA draft, each groomsman is called in front and shake hands with the groom. The groom hands over the customized cap and jersey plus a photo op with the groomsman. In the last part of the video, the groom, the best man, and all the groomsmen all lined up holding their jerseys and wearing their cap for one final pose. The backdrop now has all their corresponding names as the drafted groomsmen.         

You too can have fun and be creative in asking your closest buddies to be your groomsmen. You can easily copy the basketball-themed groomsmen draft above or have it done in a different way just like this. Try to explore the possibility of doing some of the ideas below too:

 Baseball Themed Proposal

The Crowd. Friends and family closest to you.

The Venue.  A function area designed with a baseball draft day backdrop.

The Theme. Make sure all your groomsmen and best man are baseball fanatics.  

The Props. Line up gifts from baseball caps, baseball yeti cup, a personalized baseball bat and a groomsmen baseball shirt would be great.  

Heroes Themed Proposal

The Crowd. Friends and family closest to you.

The Venue.  A function area designed with DC or Marvel-inspired backdrop.

The Theme. Assuming of course that you are all bonded because of your love for superheroes.   

The Props. Line up gifts from heroes inspired T-shirt, heroes-inspired beer mug and possibly a cape that has their name and role in your wedding would be adding more fun to your proposal.

Football Themed Proposal

Watch here how this couple got creative by sending their groomsmen a video. The venue was set on a football field with the bride and groom passing on to each other a pigskin. Of course, all of them said "yes."

Proposing to your groomsmen can be done in a fun and creative way. It does not only communicate you want them at your wedding but it also elicits excitement and anticipation as your wedding day approaches. Make your groomsmen feel valued and important as you give them gifts that are not only in line with the theme of your proposal but one that is functional and will constantly remind them of how you made them feel special on the day that you proposed. Remember that you are in the company of family and friends who have accepted you for who you really are. You know that they have your back and you got theirs. So don't think twice about getting creative on asking them.     


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