21 of the Best Groomsman Gifts in 2019

by Chris Bajda January 15, 2019

Making your big day the best it can be starts with the right group standing at your side. Whether they’re your friends, family, or the random guys you found in the lobby, we’re talking about your groomsmen. There to catch you when you pass out, or maybe the reason for a pass out, groomsmen play an integral role in the whole wedding process. Show your appreciation for their support and dedication with the perfect gift. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a few ideas… 


You want your groomsmen to enjoy your gift, and get the most out of it. That's why it's better to go big or go home.

1. The Smoking Caddy

Something about cigars and golf just feels right. Maybe it’s the way the cigar muffles the cuss words as you shank one into the water hazard, or maybe it’s just the iconic look it gives to even the most novice golfer. With this engraved cigar cutter, your groomsmen will not only be prepared for a smoke but will also have the ability to use its magnetic ball marker, cigar rest, club prop, and even the divot repair tool. 5 tools in 1. What can that teenage caddy do again?

 2. The Mug Shot

“Mug shot” suddenly has a whole new meaning. Give your groomsmen a mug shot they actually want to remember with this personalized 22-ounce beer stein. Take a photo of your groomsmen and watch it come to life with a hand drawn caricature digitally printed onto the face of the stein. We’ll even include a caption of your choosing. You’ll receive the digital file of the drawings for safe keeping in your revenge folder on your computer.

3. Cabin Fever

Reject the 9-5 grind with this personalized ax crate sure to help your groomsmen embrace their wild side. Whether they’re suffering from cabin fever, or feeling like they want to build one, this crate can help with both. Included in the crate is a 2lb Hudson Bay steel ax, dual-grit sharpening stone, and a copy of “Good Clean Fun” by Nick Offerman. If this doesn’t help them break into the outdoors spirit, we don’t know what will!

4. High Society

Class up your groomsmen with this high society starter pack, if only for one night! This tri-pack of items includes a money clip, tie bar, and a set of cufflinks. All items are silver and stainless steel, personalized to your liking, and even comes in a wooden box for safe keeping. Give a pack and get some peace of mind in knowing your groomsmen will look top notch for your big day.

5. The Mug Jug

A 64 oz. growler of anything is a lot to handle. That’s why we love it and think your groomsmen will too. Make a memorable drinking experience with this personalized glass growler sure to trigger some nausea whenever it’s seen for years to come! Simply upload a well-lit (we mean illuminated) photo and we’ll sand carve and hand paint your image to make the design pop.


Like Captain Kid on the Seven Seas, you will be your own treasure-seeking pirate when you dig up this classic gift.  Your gang of groomsmen will smile in glee when you pass over this charitable chest of riches.  Adorn your groomsman with a humidor, knife, flask, and wallet to secure his cash, all personalized to your liking.  Four amazing groomsmen gifts that will keep on giving.

7. Carbon Capper

If your groomsmen's back pocket still bulging with the dad wallet, help him step up his style game with this high-quality personalized Carbon Fiber wallet.  No more losing cards and money with this sleek-looking minimalist wallet. This engraved wallet is made with high-quality Carbon Fiber and Aluminum and comes with a clip on the exterior for holding your cash securely in place. Also included is a well placed bottle opener, so he can be at your service all night.

 8. Tap Out

It’s time for a tap out! No, we’re not talking about wrestling your groomsman until he screams “uncle”. We’re talking about this one of a kind tapped-growler perfect for storing and sharing carbonated drinks for up to two weeks at a time. With two sizes and finishes to choose from, this growler is easily customized and can even be laser engraved for a personal touch. Your groomsman will have a great spot to keep beer, champagne, or other sparkling beverages for parties or easy access. If you’re nice, he may even share!

9. The Go Bag

Let your groomsmen travel in confidence with this hand-stitched leather toiletry bag. Big enough to fit all their creams and lotions, but small enough to easily cram into a bulging suitcase, this bag safely stores all the toiletries you can think of when you’re on the go. Available in small, medium (standard), or large, these bags are personalized with three initials of your choice. Your groomsmen will still feel like they forgot something as they drive away from their house, but hey, doesn’t that always happen? 

10. Time is Money

Time is money, so upgrade your groomsman’s pocket and wrist with this personalized set just for him. Perfect for the groomsman in your life that still uses Velcro everything, this set offers a monogrammed leather wallet and leather watch, safely housed in a pine keepsake box. The wallet and watch are both engraved for free, with the box customized for an additional fee.

 11. The Lineup 

Imagine a police lineup but with drawings of you and your groomsman. That’s what you’ve got yourself here. With the ability to add props and a background of your choosing, you’ll create a moment in time none of you will forget. Simply send your photos and we’ll get to work hand drawing your group's caricature. After its done, we’ll send you the final digital copy and it’ll be set to print!

12. Gallon-o-Fun

We don’t believe in “moderation”, or “portion control”, and neither should you! Elevate your groomsman’s beverage habits with this personalized gallon jug. Easily monogrammed with a design, text, or logo, this jug holds one gallon of your groomsman’s favorite beverage. Perfect for a hot day outside, this jug will keep beverages cold all day long. You may never know what’s in the jug, but we guarantee it’ll be a gallon-o-fun regardless.

13. Bobble Buddy

Give your groomsmen a gift they’ll have to explain to visitors of their home for years to come. A personalized bobble head is a great way to thank your groomsman for the hard work they put into your special day and is just creepy enough for them to place in their guestroom. Each bobblehead is custom made to ensure it reflects your groomsmen’s features and is guaranteed to always say “yes”.

14. Survival Kit

For a one and done gift package to thank your groomsman, look no further than this versatile survival kit! Inside is a beer mug, cigar cutter, keychain bottle opener, drink sleeve, and a pair of sunglasses; items for every need your groomsman may have. Help your groomsman survive and thrive by encouraging him to drink, smoke, and stand in the sun. Wait a minute…

15. Here’s Johnny

Do your groomsmen ever find themselves with the urge to just cut something down? As long as it’s not in our yard, more power to them! Feed their need with this premium Dayton Head steel ax. Perfect for wall décor or a quick cameo in The Shining, this ax comes with a blade guard, embroidered badge, and a user’s manual. Summary of the user’s manual: It’s sharp. 

16. Precious Cargo

Finally, a cooler looking cooler for men! This polyester PVC lined cooler keeps drinks cold and food hot. Perfect for the groomsman who enjoys a good tailgate, this cooler will let him lose his cool while keeping his beer at the ideal frosty temp. Capable of holding up to 12 bottles or 18 cans, this cooler comes with a top handle and shoulder strap, a front embroidered pocket for storage, and even an attached bottle opener.

17. Pocket Pals

You a master hunter or outdoorsman? Do you and your friends enjoy outdoor activities like hiking? Do your friends and you often go out fishing?

Outdoors guys love to play around with cool pocket knives. They definitely come in handy for fishing trips.

Engraved Pocket Knife

Plus, pocket knives come in a wide variety. You can choose different style handles like metal, stainless steel, or wood. You can have a custom design wood-burned into the handle.

You might get them engraved with the following:

  • - Wedding role and Wedding Date
  • - Their name
  • - Nicknames
  • - Their Birthdate (Est. 7/14/91)
  • - Favorite joke, saying, phrase, or poem

Personal touches are brilliant options for any gift you give. Groomsmen aren't any different when it comes to personal messages. For the real tough guys, get an ax!

18. Booze

Everyone loves a good drink every now and then. But why settle for a mediocre beer when you can have a delicious liquor. Give your groomsmen something that burns!

There aren't better wedding gifts for groomsmen that bottles of Scotch-Whiskey, Cognac, or Bourbon. Rum is another great choice for those with a sweet tooth. If you have a wild bunch, you might think about giving out Bacardi!

Engraved Whiskey Bottle Groomsmen Gift

This is your chance to thank your groomsmen for being a part of the wedding. They sat through the ceremony and stood by you to cheer you on. Now, it's time to show that you were super happy they came.

That means going the extra mile and buying the special liquors or fine wines that make a night worthwhile. Plus, who doesn't drink cognac without feeling like a double "o" seven in disguise. To put the icing on this cake, throw in a flask.

You can get custom flasks that read a special message like the wedding date. You can get more personal and write down a special memory. Remember that the key here is to show that you care and appreciate your groomsmen and friends.

19. Stogie Style

Alright, we know about alcohol, now let's chat cigars! Cigars are classy gifts that can improve anyone's mood. Give the gift of style in a box by gifting your groomsmen with cigars and lighters.

Cigars are a make it or break it deal-they're either good or bad. Choosing a good cigar is all about caution, wisdom, and knowing what to look for! Don't get a dud cigar.

Do your research to ensure your groomsmen get the best of the best. Don't forget the lighter. The fanciest lighters to choose from are the flip lighters.

Everyone loves that satisfying click when it closes. These are also customizable, so you can consider engravings for this option as well. Some boxes that are made out of wood can also show messages or names.

Sometimes the personal touch is what makes the gift all the more special. Remember to toss in a snipper for the ends of the cigars. You can buy a kit that sports several tools all in one box!

Cigar Humidor Gift

If you do get a box, make sure you choose one with a humidor to keep the cigars nice and fresh!

20. Gift Cards (Boring But Useful)

When in doubt, cash is the way to go! Everyone love free money to go out an buy what they choose. It can be hard to shop for friends.

With so many gadgets in today's market, you might not know what'd they like. The best way to make sure your groomsmen are happy is to give them a choice. Gift cards offer freedom to shop around and pick out items.

Best Buy Gift Card

They won't have to face the dullness of making use of a gift they hate. You'll get to enjoy the confidence of knowing that you gave your groomsmen epic gifts!

21. Timeless Treasures

Pocket watches are timeless and never go out of style. If you know your groomsmen are a bunch of history buffs, this is the gift for you! Anyone with a little taste of 1920's style will love picking out attire with this statement piece.

Pocket watches make any dull suit pop with a little magic. Give your groomsmen a style upgrade that'll make them feel like a million bucks.

Wristwatches are becoming more and more a part of the status quo. Get your boys up-to-date and up-to-speed with cool tech gadgets. Watches, like most jewelry, have room for custom messages.

Engrave cool symbols or choose an outlandish material. That's right, be adventurous. Leave Gatsby in the roaring twenties and get a wooden watch instead! This look will have heads turning until the next century.

Affordable Without Missing out on the Epicness

Weddings are expensive, and we understand that having many groomsmen makes it more stressful. Don't fret about giving gifts to many groomsmen and struggling to pay. We got some affordable options that are still epic.

You get epicness without having to sacrifice any coolness. Here are some awesome, affordable, and useful ideas:

  • - Boxers
  • - Tie in a nice box
  • - Beer bottle openers
  • - Wallets or credit card holder for the back of their phone cases
  • - Socks with custom initials, name, or wedding date
  • - Pens or notepad
  •  - T-shirt with custom design or message

For those looking to safeguard their wallet, there are plenty of gift options. You don't have to break your wallet to give an epic gift. Remember it's all about being personal.

Relate whatever you choose to the person you are giving it to. If you know someone in your groomsmen group loves to drink, then get them a flask. Likewise, if someone enjoys smoking, get them a cigar or lighter.

Your gifts should be meant as tokens of appreciation for friends, not a reason to make you go bankrupt. You'll be wanting to put your budget into having an epic wedding. That way everyone can enjoy themselves!

Need Gifts for Your Groomsmen...and Fast? We got you covered!

Did you save getting your groomsmen gifts for last? Not to worry! If our list didn't help you out, we've got several other options to choose from.

We offer personalization for your choices, so your groomsmen know you care. Pick out a nice gift from out best-selling list. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We strive to make your wedding the absolute best.

That's why we set high-standards to exceed all your expectations. We've got plenty of tricks up our sleeve for last minute gifts. Check out our cool gifts list to get the epicness you've been dreaming of.

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