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  • 30 of Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas, by the Type of Shopper You Are

    by Chris Bajda June 06, 2017

    From cool to practical, cheap to unique, the range of groomsmen gift ideas is vast.  Without some direction to online shopping, especially in a space guys don’t play in much, it can get confusing easily.  We’re here to help with a catalog of cool and unique groomsmen gifts based on what’s important to you. 

    We at Groovy Groomsmen Gifts realize that no two groomsmen gift shoppers are alike.  Depending on who you are, who your men are and what your budget looks like, the gift buying approach can vary considerably.   Let us help you position properly by giving you the best assortment of cool, unique and affordable groomsmen gift ideas, by genre’. 

    Wedding planning can be a blur.  Guys simply aren’t naturally adept to shredding through it all, so ensuring you have some confident fun during groomsmen gifting is important to your sanity and to punctuate your wedding as a positive experience.  Rehearsal dinner and the gift ceremony is meant to be an enjoyable bonding moment between you and those closest to you. 

    Honoring your wedding party properly with the right gift can be a challenge.  Men just don’t shop for other men often, especially with so much riding on it.  You want it to be personal, but in the budget.  You want it unique enough, but not so much that it ends up in a box somewhere collecting dust.  At Groovy, we put a lot of emphasis on getting to know our customers and finding the gifts that make them feel confident. 

    To help you nail rehearsal dinner, we’ve canvased the market, searched high and low, to ensure you can pinpoint the right gift for your men.  Whether you’re looking for unique, cheap or practical, here is our list of the top personalized and coolest gifts by category. 

    In this article:


    • Get him something he wants, but wouldn’t get himself. 
    • There is this unique facet of guys, when it comes to items they enjoy shopping for themselves, they want the control of buying it themselves.  Guys know what they like, so stay away from gifts that you know are often in their personal repertoire of target shopping.  If you do decide to play in that space, let’s say a watch, then do it with personalization.  Most guys don’t personalize gifts for themselves. 
    • Don’t go overboard on off-the-wall. 
    • We have this saying at Groovy, “practical with a twist make for a perfect gift”.  Men have a tendency to want to overplay the creativity with their pals when it comes to groomsmen gifting. While that formula can get a laugh during rehearsal dinner and the ensuing  crooked smile, you want the meaning in your gift to last. This should be a memento and keepsake that keeps the memories alive, not something that is brought home to collect dust.  
    • If they can use it on wedding day, you’ve struck gold.
    • What gets the groomsmen gift vibes flowing faster than a really cool gift they can actually use during wedding day?   Guys can be pretty raw on style and short on accessories, so whether it’s some fun socks, a cool tie bar or an awesome cigar holder, if they can brandish it that weekend, you know it’s working. 
    • Keep it personal. 
    • This is the most basic principal of successful groomsmen gifting.  The reality is that most men don’t have a lot of items that are truly personal to them and just like primitive man innately likes marking his own territory, today’s man enjoys gear that is truly authentic to himself.  We like seeing our name or initials on useful items, it’s meaningful, memorable and personal.  The best groomsmen gifts aren’t those you can buy on Amazon.  Whether it’s engraved or embroidered, customized or tailored, go heavy on the personalization because it makes a major difference. 
    • Know your budget and spend. 
    • One thing we’ve noticed is that groomsmen gifting always happens towards the back end of the wedding planning process, when the flowers and music have stretched the account. Men have this tendency to procrastinate and rush, as not always the best of planners.  Connect with the future bride as early as possible and allocate out enough for to make it meaningful.  We have the data, the average gift is $36, the average party size is close to 7 people on either side.  Your total spend on wedding party gifts can be a decent chunk of change, but money well spent given who these people are.   Get in front of it, communicate with your significant other and ensure the finances support something you’ll be proud handing to a party of people that are meant to be important to you. 

    Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

    This tongue twister cannot be overstated – personalized presents present perfect presents.  Engraving or monogramming a groomsmen gift is an instant stroke of gift genius that will always bring originality.  There are so many ways to go;  you can go nickname, initials, dates, favorite quotes or just their place in the wedding party.  When it comes to the best groomsmen gift ideas, it’s almost a no brainer to go the personalization route if there is any guessing going on.  These are the kind of gifts that speak to you putting thought and effort into how you honor your best men. 

    Moscow Mule Mugs: The Mules are in boys, and there is something us men love about copper.  These steins are 100 percent pure copper and can be engraved with a special saying or monogram.   If you’re looking for a visual, the shop will work with you to custom image your copper delights.

    Alchemade - Engraved Copper Mule Mug, $39

    Personalized Razor:  Sometimes the best personalization happen when it’s on something a guy uses every single day.  If you’re looking for personalization in its most practical form, then throw it on a razor for a solid gift. 

    Wild West Jewelry -  $69.99 30-06 Nickel Commemorative Police Officers Bullet Engraved Personalized Razor

    BBQ All Tool Set: Turn your man into a grilling ninja with a comprehensive set that will get him to the patio regularly.  No burger will be flipped in error, no steak unloved. 

    Texas Irons -  $59.95 for a five piece set of high quality BBQ ware

    Suit Accessory Set:  For your groomsmen that like to jazz up their ensemble with subtle touches of classic personalization and style, then grace them with a trio that will put just the right touch of personalization on their up and down. 

    To the 9's Tri Pack - $39.99 for a tie bar, cuff links and money clip all engraved, and in a box

    Decanter: The centerpiece of any man cave tends to be an iconic decanter.   If you want to store the Rye right, it takes the right container.  For those guys that like their spirits in classic form, a great glass decanter makes a great gift.  This classic look with monogram will grace any bar with style.   


    Wallet:  Every guy seems to need an upgrade on his beef eater of a wallet.  Guys love to hang on to their old pieces, help him evolve with an efficient and stylish upgrade. 

    Swanky Badger - $34.99 for amazing leather and personlization


    Unique Groomsmen Gifts

    When riding the highway of unique groomsmen gifts, the traffic can sometimes be bumper to bumper.  There are a lot of cars out on that road, but most of them ending up looking a lot alike.  To find that auto with a steering wheel that feels perfect in the hands of your man, yet not having to spend on a custom made Porsche, can be tough.  If you’re looking for a list of groomsmen gifts that really hit the mark on being creative and unique, then this list below will help.  You pals won’t be disappointed. 

    Craft Beer Club:  Set your guy up on the open road to becoming a craft brew aficionado by evolving his pallet on a monthly basis.  The beer landscape has become crazy confusing with all the wide varieties out there.  Get your guy adjusted to the evolution of beer with a new monthly taste.  

    Craft Beer Club  - 12 beers in a year, $42 dollars and free shipping.  That’s less than 4 bucks an amazing beer. 

    The Memories of an Experience:  Wise men will often tell you that material items do not lead to happiness, but memories will.  Forget the tangible goods, give your groomsmen the kind of gift that will bond for a lifetime.  Whether your guys dig a super cool sporting event or sky diving, consider the possibilities of doing something that will heighten his senses and bring the bros together.   Check out Groupon  or Living Social for really cool package deals. 

    Super Hero Wearable Sleeping Bags:   Every dude loves super heroes, and if your men like the outdoors, give them something that is functional and beyond their wildest dreams.  Give your caped crusader the ability get cozy in something colorful and will keep him warm on the camp ground. 

    Amazon - $59.99 for a bag that will make him want to go horizontal. 

    Mixalogy Kit: When it comes to pouring the perfect cocktail, it is a tricky science.  One part over and your beautiful concoction can turn into swamp water.   Give your guy the guidance to live out his dream of being Tom Cruise in Cocktail. 


    Affordable Groomsmen Gifts

    Let’s face it, weddings are not cheap.  While you may be fortunate enough to have saved properly or have outside support, the price tag can be a tough pill to swallow.  Wedding costs continue to rise and the industry has found all sorts of fancy ways to lure you and your future bride to spending more money.  While there are ways to get resourceful with Do It Yourself ideas, the reality is that most of us don’t have that kind of time.  If you’re looking for some of the best gifts that won’t make the bank account bleed, check out this set of affordable groomsmen gifts. 

    Fun Socks: Squeeze your mans tootsies into a set of colorful socks that will put a splash on his get up.  There are a few places a guy can really go creative without going overboard, but the ankles work well that way.  Even better, toss in some personalization.   The coolest thing about this groomsmen gift – the fact they can often be worn the day of. 

    Groovy  - $12.99 gets you a pair of colorful snazzy argyles


    Alcohol Vape: Who needs the hangover and calories of drinking when you can take it in gas form?  If you want to keep your guys feeling lethargic, and trim, maybe you introduce them to a gadget that will minimize their intake, while producing the same buzz.

    Amazon - $19.99 gets you the cleanest buzz you’re gonna find

    Bottle Throttle’s:  Nothing puts more snap in your man’s cap than a .50 caliber bullet opener.  If your guys like putting a little punch in opening their suds, then this will be taken advantage often during wedding weekend. 

    Bottle Throttle  - $20 gets you a .50 caliber


    Wireless Charging Pad: Let’s face it, our phones are always running out of juice, making us panic.  We can’t live without those things.  Then we’re running around looking for an outlet.   We have relief, cheap. 

    Amazon - $19.99 get you a wireless Samsung gizmo that will keep your life charged

    Cool Groomsmen Gifts

    If you want to make a real splash during rehearsal dinner, then gift your groomsmen with an item that has a little edge, forms to their personal tastes and has a progressive twist.  It can be a hobby, an interest or something they’re a fan of.  This can often be a tool, sports related or a genius booze based gift. 

    Whiskey Stones: For that guy that likes his whiskey pure, not watered down, but enjoys the chill, look no further.  These little cubes will make his cocktail dance with a confidence that the cool won’t dilute. 

    Stone Cold Whiskey Stones -  $29.99 for a 6 pack of engraved stones

    Whether it’s tailgating or camping, giving your guy a way to take a load off in unison with keeping his brews cold, is a cannot miss.  Treat your guy to a piece that will stay in his trunk. 

    Sports Crate:  Get all your guys favorite fan memorabilia in a crate.  This is a collection that will satisfy his die hard pride for the upcoming season and beyond. 

    Subscription - $39.99 for the basic package of goods

    Instant Ice Coffee Maker: Any early birds in your grew who prefer the caffeine of highs to any others?  Give them the opportunity to make their own chilled coffee with a contraption that pulls it all together. 

    William Sonoma - Zoku for $29.95





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