7 Awesome Groomsmen Gifts for the Sinful Products Connoisseur

by Chris Bajda October 19, 2013

There is something about sinful consumer goods that draws men of all kinds in.  Call it a release from daily life; call it the desire to do something that feels a little bad.  Whatever it is, guys love it.  For those that don't know, sinful consumer goods (the legal ones) are alcohol and tobacco.  They both come in all types of variations and there are all types of bells and whistles that surround them.  They've been a centerpiece of history and since discovered, man has grown up with them.  Both provide a social bond among guys and gals alike that will stay with us for eternity.  Differing countries have different cultures built around what they mean to their respective societies.  Whether it's a hookah or carafe, the bottom line is that alcohol and tobacco will never get old and make great gifts for anyone, for any event. 

Here we dissect what the groomsmen gift market has to offer within the realm of these two sinful products.  Some of the best of what we're finding below:


All in One Sinful Products Case 

What's not to like about this gift?  It has just about everything you need to execute on both products and provides the type of convenience that anyone needs.  Combine that with the cool, sleek look and personalization and you have one great groomsmen gift.  This contraption has a flask, a cigar case and a lighter built into one.   This gift is basically a party on the go. 




Beer Making Kit 

For the guy that loves his beer to a detailed level, be the spring board where he makes his own first batch.  What an accomplishment. The art of beer starts with knowing how it all comes together and no better way of educating your beer lover by helping him make his home grown IPA.  Having seen this take off with some guys, it becomes a pet project that grows into a hobby.  





Beer of the Month Club

For the guy who has no ambition with beer but to drink it, but loves experimenting, this is your gift.  The beer craze is only growing these days with what seems to be a new brew launched hourly, so keep your beer loving buddy in touch with what's new in the market and forever in search of his favorite beer ever




The Oak Whiskey Barrel 

This gift brings the kind of ambiance to the table that echoes classy.  Ultimately, it's a symbolic gift that any guy can adorn his personal bar with.  It offers the ability to stash and season a favorite vintage for that moment that calls for it.  Does it get any cooler than being poured a glass of your favorite spirit coming out of something that has been oak aged in the convenience of home?  We think not.  This awesome groomsmen gift is for the guy that likes to do it in finer fashion.  




Beer Bottle Holster

Do you want to turn your guy in a six shooting, beer guzzling cowboy?  For the guy that loves to drink and grill or just be in the backyard with his beer close, look no further.  A fun collegiate feeling groomsmen gift for a dude that is playful and likes to have fun with his brews




A Great Bottle and Engraved Decanter

For the wine guy, you need to up your game a little.  Naturally, wine comes with a little more pretentiousness.  Hence style and vintage mean everything.  If you want to impress your guy, grab him a really great bottle of red and package that with something that will last well beyond the last sip.  It's a combo that can't go wrong.




Humidor with Stogies

Not forgetting out tobacco-loving guys out there and in line with gift number 6, the goods with a house to keep it fresh is a great combo to put a smile on your groomsmen's face.  Most guys love cigars, but most guys also don't own a high-quality personalized humidor to keep them in.  Half the battle to smoking a good cigar is keeping them fresh, so grab your guy a humidor that he can use proudly for life. 

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