The wedding budget, it is undoubtedly big ticket and an industry immune to the economy. As the wedding bills mount, a guy is often left figuring out what to scrape together for his groomsmen, a piece of the planning often left on back burner. It’s a budget that can dry up quickly and stress out any guy who has a hand in funding his own. If you’re one of the lucky ones, the in laws are going about the traditional route and financing the bash. These days, we see it less and less. 

Hopefully you managed your budget wisely and don’t have to open a new card. Better yet have the kind of backing that lets you go bananas. For many guys, the groomsmen gift juncture is one where they’re looking to be cost conscious, yet really wanting to make their guys feel awesome. It’s hard to put a price tag on honoring your men. Here over 10000 groomsmen gifts order later, here is what we can tell you:


Average spend on a set of groomsmen gifts = $194
Average number of Groomsmen = 5.9
Average spend peak months July/Aug = $204
Average spend off months Dec/Jan = $172

As you might think, off season weddings are often for those that are budget conscious and corresponding spend on groomsmen gift parallels. Conversely, the summer wedding blitz tends to have a heavier overall price tag and guys also spend more.

What we do know is this – honoring your guys is a highly underrated part of the overall event. These should be people that will be with you for life, many times have already been with you for most of your life. Choosing them to be part of your honorary entourage is one way of saying that, blessing them with a sentimental gesture that specific to them is another way to do the same in the kind of moment that doesn’t come along often in the world of bromance. Shop wisely, budget smart, get your guys something that really celebrates them as individuals and what they mean to you.