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7 Clear Signs That You and Your Best Buddy Have a True Bromance

by Chris Bajda May 20, 2018 3 min read

There is friendship and then there is adoration.  That fondness is most clearly demonstrated by two guys that look forward to hanging a little more than normal.  Call it cosmic.  Not every guy can classify themselves as part of a real bromance and to those guys, you don’t know what you’re missing.  Like much of what you’d look for in a standard relationship, it’s often two guys that see the world similarly and have a cornucopia of common interests.  Most importantly, it’s usually two guys that have a really similar sense of humor.   When it all lines up, you have the beauty of bromance.  Women get a little jealous of it, other men want to be in one. 


Here is when you know you are in a bromance – don’t judge. 

1) Multiple Nicknames

Whether it’s J-Dog, T-Bone or Fudge, the first true sign of bromance is two guys that have pet names for each other.  In particular, when they are addressing that nickname with an enthusiasm that is insatiable.  In fact, in a real bromance, one should never address the other by their birth certificate name. 

2) Wardrobes Begin Mirroring Each Others

It may start with some skull and cross bone socks or an eerily similar gentleman’s cap, stage two bromance starts shining when the two chaps start wanting to be each other.   That is mutual adoration.  When you admire your friend to the point of wanting to pick off his style, it’s more than just a standard friendship.   It’s bro love. 

3) Movie Nights

Some may find it peculiar when two guys go to the movies together, but not when you’re part of a bromance.  Sharing popcorn, slapping thighs together to the newest Will Ferrell flic, now that is bromance.   When it starts becoming romantic comedies, it then raises some concern.  Within the box of real guy flics, movie nights are commonplace and a healthy sign. 

4) Belt Out Chorus’ in Perfect Tandem

Road tripping, throwing some DMB Pandora on and together raising octave to hit the high note chorus in Ants Marching in perfect harmony, now that is bromance.  A little eye contact in there, and it’s real.   Music is a medium that bonds men and the commonality of tunes is a bro foundation.   

5) Love Reminiscing

Two guys that have eclipsed status quo friendship love to talk about the old days.  They cherish the stories of yesteryear, reminiscing about all those experiences together that developed what they have.  That is often old girlfriends(sometimes shared), guy trips, spring breaks, whatever.  Nothing brings joy to members of a bromance that a couple brews and reflecting on the good times. 

6) Hugging More Than Two Guys Naturally Should

 Chris Farley once famously said, “bro’s don’t shake hands, bro’s hug”.  Some guys are a little bit more naturally touchy feely and comfortable with physical affection to their pals, but when you’re part of a bromance, inhibitions are all wiped out to allow for hugging.  

7) Way Too Excited When a Text Comes In

If you stop and put down whatever you’re doing when you hear the specialized tone of your best buddies text, you are stage 3.  It’s a sensation that’s generated from an excitement and anticipation to communicate that isn’t like communicating with your other homies.   When you’re in a bromance, you can’t wait to reciprocate. 

Can you check off at least 4 of these with your groomsmen or best buddy?  If so, don't be afraid, send this article off to one of your groomsmen or best buddies and tell him that you think you have a bromance with them.  You might have the seed to something special.  Stage 4 bromance is commonly illustrated by such signs matching tattoos or acknowledging anniversaries.  If any of you are lucky enough to have such a special bond, you have a best man for not only your wedding, but for life.   You have the building block to your entourage and the catcher in your battery.  Bromance, don’t judge.

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