15 of our Favorite Groomsmen Gifts Ideas for 2013

We've scoured the web, spoken to hundreds of groomsmen, and put some blood sweat and tears into finding the best groomsmen gifts ideas.  Below you will find our 15 favorite groovy groomsmen gifts ideas for 2013 to help you with your hunt for finding the perfect groomsmen gifts.  We love these gifts so much that we try to carry as many of them in our product line, but many of them we don't carry quite yet so we link you off to the websites where you can buy them. We are proud to put the Groovy approved stamp on these awesome groomsmen gifts ideas.  


15.) Cartoon Custom Pilsners – this one really hits the creative button.  Hand painted, which is cool in itself, these glasses really emphasize the different personalities of your group and how they all come together as individuals.  Fill them up the day of and you have something useful right there and then and as a memory piece for years after. 


14). All in One Sinful Product

This neat little combination gadget brings it all together.  High quality, it’s provides that enormous convenience factor  with a slickness that makes for a great gift.  It symbolizes what a groomsmen party is all about as well as you can - guys having fun with each other embellishing in those particulars that we all enjoy.    You can get it for $40 here.  





13) Mustached Toiletry Bags

The mustache is hot.  It’s manly, it’s cool and it ties into the overall theme oh so well.  Toss it on these very cool toiletry bags with personalization and you have a gift that keeps it simple and practical, with some cool manly touch.  This gift is universal across every kind of guy out there, so if you don’t want to think too hard, this is an easy solution.  This is one of the more fun groomsmen gifts ideas out there, you can get these for $40 a pop on this website.  





12) Group Caricature

Not sure anything is going to bring a group together more than a team caricature.  They’re fun, they’re funny, they’re lasting and they take a freeze frame of the big day and animate in a way that will have a ton of runway.  A man cave centerpiece that should sit on top of the mantle or above that old beat up, super comfortable couch.  The cost varies depending on how many people you want and a few other options, but for most groomsmen groups it will run you somewhere around $200, you can check it out here.  







11) Caps Off Buckle and Belt

One cool way of combining a really awesome gift and an opportunity to add a little flair and differentiation to your groomsmen outfits is to equip them with a unique belt/buckle.  Belts/buckles are essentials of a great outfit, so these will be worn well after.  These high quality buckles also come stamped with the date/wedding on the back, so a fun way to keep the memory lasting.  Toss in the caps off feature and voila’.  One of these belts will run you $50 bucks a piece here.  



10) Vans Wing Tips

Not market mainstream anymore, they can still be found.  A pair of these can function as a really cool slip on during the festivities on a hot summer day and then as a cool set to go with jeans or shorts after the wedding.  Vans are always comfortable and they will always be a cool brand.  What a great gift, I know I’d rock these out throughout the summer.   We found them for around $40 a piece on Ebay.  



9) Shades, preferably Wayfarer’s and ideally Raybans. 

There are a few things in life that no guy cannot have enough awesome of - watches, belts and sunglasses.  This is a no brainer type of gift, will be worn day of, will be worn well after and will keep your guys looking Joe Cool.  Makes for some great pictures as well.  These are one of our favorite groomsmen gifts ideas, but a little on the pricey side.  They will run you around $80 a pair on Amazon.  You can also find knock offs on Amazon if you want the cool look for your wedding pictures but don't want the heft price tag.   




8) Leather Travel Kit

A great combination of sheer practicality with classy personalization, this bag is low risk.  Your groomsman is going to love it, will probably start thinking about everywhere he’s going to use it the second he receives it.  It’s a nice spark to lining up some guy trips.  Great quality, this bag makes for another super gift that makes the choice easy. One of the hottest sellers on our very own Groovy website, you can find them for $50 by clicking here.  




7) Scorzie

If you want to tap into a creative, affordable option that maintains the bond of backyard sporting/drinking, then the Scorzie is a hot new item on the market that is moving fast.  Keep your beer cold, set it down without spilling and keep score, duh?  Whomever invented this gizmo is genius. 





6) Six Shooter Beer Holster

Another great backyard sports concept,  the holster brings an old west manliness to modern day beer drinking.  What say’s fun more than being able to bring your beer to a barbecue showdown to see who can shoot it down faster?   





5) Custom Cornhole Bags

Cornhole has swept the nation battling Beirut as the guy party game of choice.  If you haven’t played it, you need to crawl out from under that rock.  While guy a full board is a bit pricey, a great way of saying thanks is to get your guys some personalized bags. 





4)  Mustached Pilsner’s

There’s that mustache again.  A really nice clean, classy gift that any beer drinker is going to appreciate, the pilsner represents the king of great glasses, the mustache emblazon represents a touch of classy fun.  The moment they open, they’ll be able to see themselves pouring that delicious IPA into it at the next gathering. 





3)  Personalized Divot Removers

You don’t have a good selection of groomsmen gifts if you don’t have something attributed to golf.  Almost every party is going to have a fanatic in there.  If you’re looking for something for that guy, these super cool divot removers bring a really cool touch to gift giving to the golf maniac.  While he may not be good enough to land many balls on the green from the fairway, this will give him something excited about pulling out of his pocket when he does.   




2)   Personalized Bow Ties

Do you have some hipsters in your group, a group of guys who appreciate old school tradition and genuine manly style?  If so, the bow tie is back and better than ever.  Every guy needs a couple solid go to BT’s in his wardrobe, bring your guys some personalization that they can even potentially wear on the day of. 





1)  Bobblehead Doll

Do you want to give you groomsman the ultimate desk decoration, man cave shelf piece or life long talking piece?  The custom bobble ranks way up there as a great gift.  I have one sitting on my desk and there is nothing that gets me out of a rut, puts a smile on my face, like that darn bobble head.  If you’re looking at a comical version of yourself, that makes it all that much more hysterical.