Top 10 Bachelor Party Destinations

You have made the decision to take the long walk down the aisle, but before you do so there is an important task at hand, choosing the destination of your bachelor party. The type of guy the groom is makes a difference in the type of bachelor party you are going to throw, below is a list top 10 bachelor party locations based on what type of guy the groom is.


10) Aspen / Vail - The Skier 

If your group is less about just the straight partying and more about mixing it up between activity and nightlife, central Colorado and a ski trip could be a great call.  Here you have multiple options on resorts and some of the best Apres' skiing you're going to find. 


9) Key West - The Parrothead

If you're looking to go off the beaten path a bit and immersing in a kickback end of the world feel with beaches and fun nightlife, Key West could be your destination.  Cozy up to plenty of low key bars, Hurricane's and street performers for a great time. 



8) Savannah/St. Patty's Day - The Festival Partier

Under the radar, which makes it so phenomenal, Savannah actually hosts the 2nd largest St. Patrick's Day festival in the US.  It's a great vibe and attracts people from all over the world serving as a Mardi Gras light on riverside cobble stone. 


7) Myrtle Beach - The Golfer

Is playing 36 on a different golf course a day and partying at night how your team likes to operate?  Myrtle Beach is a golfers paradise with endless options, warmth and all the necesary needs for bachelor partying at night. 




6) Napa Valley - The Wine Conniseur

If cruising through amazing vineyards in a rented bus, tasting wine and catching a buzz is your idea of a great time, no need to look further.  Team that up with with a night out in San Fran and a couple great dinners and this becomes a great idea.



5) Miami - The Clubber

If nursing a hangover on amazing beaches during the day and hitting an epic club scene at midnight is your pace, then Miami is your destination.  Make no bones about it, this is about leizure by day, partying in neon by night. 


4) Montreal - Exploring North

A city that just doesn't get enough attention, Montreal is the perfect fusion of North America and Europe in one location.  With a tremendous night life, a casino and a fantastic warm culture, one can't say enough.  If you can get in there during Grand Prix weekend, the buzz in town will be ten fold. 


3) New Orleans - The Down and Dirty Partier

Getting sloshed, seeing girls lift up their shirts and downing bowls of gumbo - does it get better?   New Orleans has a historical charm mixed with partying grit that presents an identity that is unmatchable.  All must experience - whether it be Mardi Gras for those hardcore or Jazz Fest for lighter fare, an amazing destination. 


2) Amsterdam - Going International

If there is a desire here to do something out of the box to make it memorable and go somewhere that most may likely never revisit, then the legendary Amsterdam is ideal.  Take advantage of the red light district and European charm to ensure an awesome trip. 


1) Vegas - The Traditionalist 

Why is Vegas number one?  Because it suits every possible male urge on the planet.  There is nothing you can't find in a city that was made to entertain.  Whether it be gambling, sports, adult entertainment, pools, golf, you name it, Vegas has it.  If you don't want to think too hard about where to go, good ol' LV is calling you.  


Do you agree with this list of bachelor party destinations?  If not, we'd love to hear from you in the comments below.  Also, if you are wondering what type of behavior is acceptable at your bachelor party be sure to check out our Bachelor Party Guide to No Regrets.