Posted on April 09, 2015 by Chris Bajda

The wedding industry is interesting.  So much of the focus is on the bride and all the small details that go into making that day as perfect as it gets.  In fact, the groom can sometimes become an accessory when it all comes to.  Yet while the groom may ultimately be arm candy walking down the aisle, there is one feature on wedding weekend that is irreplaceable.  That is the opportunity is to have a great time with your best buddies on what will be one of the best days of your life.  A centerpiece to that time spent will be the groomsmen gift-giving ceremony, your challenge is finding the best groomsmen gifts to deliver. 

Men have never traditionally been the best at gift giving. They can procrastinate, sometimes lack creativity and generally just don’t have the minds to empathize.  Have you ever been the recipient of a good groomsmen gift, or any gift for that matter, whereas, upon opening, you put out that half-baked smile, slightly confused look while uttering “I love it” out of the corner of your mouth?    Well, this is exactly what you want to avoid wedding weekend when you are giving your groomsmen gifts. 


Picking the best groomsmen gifts requires addressing a few variables. 
    1. Understand your buddy on a personal level, which you clearly should.  If you’re not feeling good about that, ask his girlfriend, mother, whomever about any new hobbies or interests. 
    2. Understand your budget.  You want to maximize what you can spend and make the most of it. 
    3. Researching the best groomsmen gifts options effectively.  

    When selecting groomsmen gifts, a couple major rules of thumb to abide by are:  
      1. Consider getting everyone different groomsmen gifts. Depending on each of your groomsmen's personalities, pick funny groomsmen gifts for one guy and practical groomsmen gifts for another.
      2. Don’t treat your guys like a factory line unless their all related and have the exact same personality.  
      3. Don’t get something that has no practical value.  
      4. You don’t want to be helping your buddy out in his basement one day and see your old gift poking out of some box along with a bunch of doodads and doohickeys that his mother in law gave him for Christmas 2 years ago.  
      5. Get him something that he will actually use. 

      Every one of your groomsmen is unique, treat them as such and put the effort into personalizing groomsmen gifts ideas that will be specific to them.  Make that time spent on wedding weekend with your guys memorable and kick it off right with something where they aren't muttering “thanks” out of the corner of their mouths.  They deserve it and just as importantly, you deserve it.