1. Cool Groomsmen Gifts 2017

Here at Groovy we have come to realize a few things over our 5 years of doing this – guys don’t want to think too hard about groomsmen gift ideas.  We’ve had five good years of diagnosing our customers, understanding them, “getting” them.  We’ve taken on thousands of chats and phone calls, we’ve dug into the psyches of a man scrambling to find an assortment that will satisfy his Brosephs.   We’ve had over 15,000 orders, and while all customers are certainly unique, they all also having some very common over-arching themes.  We know their tendencies, their needs, their flaws, their anxieties.   Our sample size says so and we’ve paid close attention.  Over time, we’ve designed our system to adhere to these common attributes so we can best smother all  the fears and  give them what they need to make their posse smile on that big day. 

In all of this, we’ve learned what men want, the ideas they’re looking for.  That can be summed up in one easy phrase – “functionable and relevant, with a twist”.  When we first kicked out our ecommerce site, our goal was to spin out some gift ideas that were out of the box, a little wild, a little crazy, totally unique.  We looked at the other sites and options and realized they were full of a bunch of stuff that looked like it was made in some factory in China, stock and disingenuous.   Our first instinct was to swing to the opposite end of the spectrum.  As with all things in life, it’s about balance and finding the perfect middle ground. 

With all of our observation, we’ve concluded a few important gifting standards:

  • Guys want things that they’re going to use. They’re simple folk, with simple needs.  They want to look good, have fun with each other and carry out the primal necessities in life like cutting and fixing.  They want practical.
  • Just like a den or a man cave, guys want stuff that really feels like their own. Hence, they love personalization.
  • Guys also like gifts that have a slightly cool spin to the standard functionality. They don’t want some gizmo that will confuse them, but one that will make them feel unique and special when they’re using it.  We say slight, because if you go too far in this direction and the gift becomes more ridiculous for the moment than functional in the long term, it’s going to find a box in the basement quick. 

Call us the psychologists of groomsmen gift buying.  We’ve gotten into your skulls, we’ve listened, we’ve learned, we’ve applied.  With the many learned tendencies of men, here after a record breaking 2016, we are posing to you the 7 gift ideas that will make your men the happiest.  And with that, make you happy, because there isn’t much more rewarding, other than a happy bride, than seeing the men your closest to beaming on wedding weekend. 

With that, here is our 7fecta of what we think captures our loveable tagline, “functional and relevant with a twist”.  Our 2017 gifts that can’t go wrong: 

  • To the 9’s Tri Pack – this little diddy strikes a few major variables. First, man does it work for the day of.  Most guys don’t have any of these items, so you arm your man with a collection he can put into action on that weekend.  It will dress up his attire, make him shine and also give him some sentimental personalized gifts that will last a lifetime.  Metal never goes bad.  
  • Your Buddy’s Buddies – fun name right? But beyond that, it hits on a couple cords that bring diversity into your gift.  These two gifts are as different as it gets, but also as functional as it gets.   Most guys drink and most guys like a tool that can help them in a pinch.  There is something about the contrast here that works, just like sweet and sour.   Most great recipes have contrasting energies, just like Your Buddy’s Buddies captures in a gift. 
  • Personalized Groomsmen Socks - yes, socks.  They’re in, they’re useful and every guy could use a splash at the ankles to flavor up that monkey suit.  What you don’t find often is socks that are personalized because they’re hard to come by.  These guys will add a little dazzle above the shoe line, stay hidden most of the time, but when that pant line rises, the self expression is out to party.  Give your guy a non overbearing way to accessorize while also something he’ll have for a long time. 
  • Personalized Whiskey Cubes – these 6 sided drinking wonderments have hit the streets under the radar, but when you’re guy gets a load of them, he’ll never go back.  The art to drinking is keeping the drink intact.  That means no getting warm, no watering down.  On that note, these little suckers will be an instrumental component to all future cocktails.  They keep it cool with no water down and when you put some initials on them, your man’s sip will never feel the same. 
  • A Cool Cooler – with the rage we see these days around craft beer, a cool @ss cooler is going to find its way to any guy’s hoppy heart. This will give your man a way to mix up his batch to tote to the next get together in a way that doesn’t skunk it up.  It’s going to be used time and time again, especially if detailed out with his name.  He’s going to unzip with pride.  Check out the Combat Cooler
  • No Ordinary Flask – this gift can be seen as a little cliché’, but if done right, it breaks that mold and becomes a prideful piece of a man’s drinking forte. Listen, any man wants some vessel to sneak away with for anticipated drinking.  It’s a need, there’s no question about it.  Now the trick is doing it with a little creativity and cool presentation.  Check out Flask it in a Casket for a version that gets the twist down to a T. 
  • A Really Cool Travel Bag – maybe the most functional of them all, you’ll usually find your guys still toting around some plastic version they bought a local pharmacy when they were in college. This is a life upgrade situation, a transition in their journey that gives them a chance to stop feeling like a kid and more like a man.  Hook up your dude with one he’ll have for a lifetime, it won’t go unappreciated.  We love Ace of Case, it’s great quality and present like a rock star. 

There you have it gentleman – years of customers and us diving into their consumer brains has given us the chance to know how the common groom to be thinks.  We have tons of data to support it, we understand the position and we want to do what we need to make it easy on you.   If you don’t want to think too hard, know your budget, take a close look at this collection of ideas to make a smart choice.  You cannot go wrong, your men are going to say thank you with a big ol’ smile here in 2017.