Our Top 5 Cool Groomsmen Gifts

Cool groomsmen gifts are not necessarily the standard groomsmen gifts such as a flask or cufflinks.  Chances are your groomsmen won’t have these gifts, or if they do the list below will provide a big time upgrade over what they currently have.   Cool groomsmen gifts likely to dazzle on the day given, but if you don’t pick the right one for your groomsmen there is the chance they never get used.  For this reason, the cool groomsmen gift is high risk, high reward.

All in One Sinful Products Case -$49.99

Would you like to be able to carry everything for a drink & cigar with the crew in one place?   This uber convenient contraption bundles your lighter, your cigar case and your flask in one little unit for a cool party on the go.  Effectively, add water and you have a great time instantly.  Catering to the concepts of convenience while adding the element of sleek and personalized is a win win. 

Poker Set - $94.99

Every man has a gambler in them, their inner Kenny Rogers.  Poker is one of the staple traditions that bring men together, a safe platform to tell the wives or girlfriends they are getting together with their pals.  Paired with the perfect man cave, basement or garage, this is one of our cool groomsmen gift ideas that serves as the perfect excuse to get back together with your wedding party.  What better way to celebrate this beautiful right given to men than with a poker set that has some weight, chips that make you feel like you're in Vegas?

The American Destination Map - $58.99

One has to be selective with what they put on their wall.  It should be a cool conversation piece, sentimental.  In this gift, you have both while also capturing your ambitions, travel ambitions that is.  This custom map gives you a way of tracking your domestic adventures and a way to check off your bucket list decoratively.  This is another great cool groomsmen gift with a ton of runway.

The Harley Lighter - $44.99

All your groomsmen have a little Harley guy in them.  This cool groomsmen gift taps into a piece of them that dreams of strapping on a leather jacket and hitting the open road with his buddies.  While not the conventional brand too many, it's widely recognized and just manly.  A lighter, while most practical for the smoker, is something any man can use as making fires is a part of a man's primal instincts.  Let's not go generic stock and initialized with this item and give it some cool.  The Harley Lighter makes that happen. 

Leather Travel Kit - $65.99

Another token of appreciation that will stick.  No bright lights with this one, but having everything you'll need in one place to pack away quickly pushes the needle of practicality. Men enjoy convenience.  Most would have their mom's still ironing their clothes if they could.  In this travel kit, you have everything packed away ready to go for the man on the go.  The Leather Travel Kit is one of our more practical and cool groomsmen gifts because everybody needs one, but it’s still super cool.  


Hopefully you were able to find cool groomsmen gift that your groomsmen will enjoy, but if not, be sure to check out our full selection of cool groomsmen gifts.