Groovy Groomsmen Gifts Launches New Caricatures of Amazing Sports Moments

In a move to further it’s cache of creative groomsmen gifts, the team at will be adding to its existing group caricature offering and releasing a new caricature line allowing customers to personalize individual caricatures within a selection of featured sports backgrounds.

Groovy Groomsmen Gifts Launches New Caricatures of Amazing Sports Moments from prREACH on Vimeo.


Mike Bajda, Creative Director for, announced that the new line will include creative and emphatic sports moments such as a boxing TKO, viciously sacking a quarterback and the “posterizing” dunk. Customers will be able to send in photographs of their gift receiver and then choose other details such as number of uniform, team playing for/against and a famous sports personality on the receiving end. “The goal is to provide a unique and original gift opportunity that you’ll be proud to share with your groomsman”, says Mike Bajda. “This gift is for the sports fanatic who will get an absolute kick out of seeing himself dunk on Lebron James. We see this as a gift a guy will be hanging on his wall in his favorite room for a lifetime, capturing a memory and adding personality to his home”.

The team is currently finalizing templates with its artist, but close to a release of which it expects in the upcoming month. The team will look to start with 4-5 popular options and add to as it sees through demand for further possibilities. “We want to find ways guys can find easy and imaginative ideas that move away stock and sterile gifts that flood the groomsmen gift marketplace”, says Chris Bajda, CEO. To peruse some of their current caricature options, please visit this page.


Pricing on the new line is still in the works, but expected to be in relative range of their current selections.