by Chris Bajda February 24, 2015

Spotting reallycool groomsmen gift ideas isn't all that easy.  In a space filled with a lot of stock, run of the mill products, like engraved flasks or a personalized knife, it can be hard to find gifts that stand out.  It becomes impossible to find gifts that aren't going to be sterile and drab, especially for the right price.  You don’t want to make your posse feel like they’re just going through the motions.  Every moment during the wedding weekend should have a great compartmentalized effect on those you’re sharing it with.  The concept of a groomsmen party should be about bringing a collection of guys together to celebrate and have fun together. 

Guys love being part of a greater good and a team.  Many see it as generally what separates us most dramatically from the other gender.  We love locker rooms, guy talk, and feeling like we’re part of one cohesive initiative.  Think about men, we love fantasy football leagues, pick up games, tailgating with fellow fans.  It’s an all for one, one for all hardwiring.  That said, one way of really making the most of your gift-giving is putting something classy out there that sets that theme up.  

Rather than look at your gifts as singular gifts and thinking too hard on how to make each groomsman feel unique, opt for an angle that makes them feel and remember being part of something bigger.   Your wedding is a catalyst for celebration, but your groomsmen having fun together is an important sidebar to really giving your wedding a great feel.   Here we look at a few options that really take advantage of this primal desire of men, being part of a team.    Let’s bond your entourage as one cohesive storyline. 


Superhero Cufflinks

I mean, what groomsman was not infatuated with superheroes at some point in their lives?  I remember obsessing over my aqua man underoos to a level that wasn’t natural.  No better time to feel invincible than during the wedding party.  The best thing about superheroes is that they’re all unique and colorful.  So peg your groomsmen appropriately and put a cool set of superhero cufflinks on them.  Have a funny story as to why when you present.  It’s going to be a conversation piece throughout the weekend.  From there, your groomsman has a functional gift with a set of cufflinks that are not only a memory but one of the best ways to spruce up a suit, a source of self-expression and an amazing icebreaker.   Not to mention these make for affordable groomsmen gifts, you can get them for $30 a pop


Multi-Colored Tom’s

Here we go with function over form.  No one doesn’t love Tom’s.  They’re convenient, comfortable and classy.  On a day where your other option will likely be prancing around in painful tuxedo shoes, they also offer some convenient and cohesive relief to the dogs of your groomsmen on the day of your wedding.  Toss them a pair of these awesome shoes; get them in different colors each and you have what can make for some really cool wedding shots as well.  These are best for the destination wedding or beachside wedding.  They’ll be something your groomsmen will wear and use for a long time after.  You can get a good pair of Tom's for around $40 to $50 here.  



Groomsmen Caricature

What a great unique and thoughtful gift.  The best thing about caricatures is that there are no two alike.  They are as original a groomsmen gift as it gets.  Find yourself a creative artist and you can basically take advantage of any platform you can think of to bring your groomsmen together as one.  You may all be from the same city and love the same sports team.  You may all have some common interest that you all love to do together, like skiing or hunting.  It’s your choice, but within that, you have a great piece that your groomsman will have forever.  A good artist will find the attributes in your group that will jump out and distinguish in cartoon fashion.  In a home, whereas your wife will likely call all the shots on the decorations, she has no leverage to make you take this ridiculously awesome gift down as there should be a few hanging in the homes of your best buddies.   The groomsmen caricature will run you about $30 a person and you can print and frame it on your own, so the price is right on this affordable gift.  



Sports Jerseys

Does your group have a favorite sports team that you gather to tailgate for?  Are you rabid fans of one particular NFL team?  Is your entrouage part of the same die-hard football school alma mater?  If so, a no-brainer.  Grab your groomsmen some jerseys with either a current player best suited or even personalize them with their own names.  If they have nicknames, Ochocinco those jerseys.  Line your groomsmen us for a few formations and take some awesome wedding photos with the jerseys on your guys.   If one of the foundations to your friendship is routing on a team passionately, there is no cooler gift than the jersey.  Although not that cheap, jerseys make for one of the top groomsmen gift ideas out there.   You can get personalized football jerseys here and custom baseball jerseys here for around $75 a pop.  If a jersey isn't his thing, another great option is to get your guy a personalized football as a groomsmen gift.




These are four of our favorites, but you get the idea.  Even if it’s as simple as throwing a stocking stuffer type gift like different colored socks in addition to, it’s always a great idea to unify the groomsmen bond. 

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