Tongue and Groovy Organizer

Let's get back to basics men.  Sometimes the best gifts are about convenience, simplification while adding a twist of super cool.  In considering that formula, we have the perfect groomsmen gift for you.  When it comes to your daily necessities, there are typically 4 elements that are the foundational pieces of every man's day.  Their wallet, their watch, their keys and their phone.  They hold everything a man needs to get through the day.  If one is amiss, their manly equilibrium is off, a red alert goes off in their consciousness essentially disabling their ability to function properly.  With this dynamite organizer, you have an unbelievably cool design that houses all of these musts.  This jigsaw organizer has 4 unique ways of keeping all stationed in a way where you'll feel secure and hip.  What an awesome groomsmen gift. 

The Tongue and Groovy Organizer is designed to provide a place for several items. It has slots for key chains, glasses, sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, bluetooth headset, or headphones. It can be used to cradle your phone while charging, and there is no need to unplug the phone and thread the charger through a hole. Just slide the cable through the slot. There is also a slot directly below the phone charging area to allow your charger cable to pass-through. The Tongue and Groovy Organizer has been designed to be compatible for most smartphones, including iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, and 5c, 6, 6+, and Samsung Galaxy s3 and s4 and works with most cases for these phones. There is a watch holder for your watch. There is a routed groove in the front for holding a pencil, stylus, or pen. The slot on the end is designed to hold your wallet. 

When the Tongue and Groovy Organizer is assembled it measure 7" x 11" of space and stands around 8" tall.

The Tongue and Groovy Organizer cannot be personalized.